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Hello, and thank you for visiting Moms and Crafters! I’m Menucha, a mom of two – an infant and preschooler, a graphic designer, jewelry artist, and avid DIYer. I am passionate about everything I do – from my crafts to my parenting… We recently purchased our first home, and of course I’m passionate about that as well. Moms & Crafters is my third baby, and so I put care and attention into everything I do related to it.

Feel free to send your pitch in to menucha at momsandcrafters dot com, and I will gladly send you my media kit!


Why Moms & Crafters?: 

Moms & Crafters is a family lifestyle blog that covers a variety of family-friendly topics. You can scan my menu bar to see what my key areas of focus are. Here are some things you should know:

  • Unique, high quality content
  • I don’t just write an “advertorial”. I create original high quality content that remains on my blog and is truly helpful.
  • Sponsored posts are shareable and go far.
  • Posts get pinned on Pinterest many times. Sponsored posts are often repinned thousands of times!
  • Get an authentic voice. I don’t write very many sponsored post and limit slots, making them more credible.
  • Original high quality images for each post.
Baby Y

Baby Y

Some of the best parenting tips for teaching children phone etiquette - boyh rules for phone manners and tips for how to teach it! This is SO important when giving kids their first cellphones and the new school year is a great time to do this!

M loves helping out!

Do you read aloud to your child at bedtime? You should! Here are 21 ways to bond at bedtime with your toddler or young child | Parenting tips

Me and M – A photo we took for one of our favorite sponsored posts of all time

A growing platform with consistent traffic:

Stats keep changing, but there is a number that I expect to remain my minimum for a while. Even when traffic was at a low point, after my baby boy was born, I expected a minimum of 120,000 pageviews, and 80,000 unique visitors a month.

Traffic points range between 80,000-200,000 unique visitors a month. Pageviews range between 120,000-350,000 a month. Feel free to request updated Google Analytics screenshots.

Social media platforms have seen consistent organic growth, and I recently hit 10,000 followers on Facebook. My main platform is Pinterest with over 30,000 visitors. All of my followers are gained naturally and they come for my content. I don’t buy followers or grow my platforms with giveaways.

Advertising Options:


Sponsored posts: sponsor an evergreen post! Helpful, informative content for my readers, with your brand message seamlessly woven in. These posts are treated like any post on Moms & Crafters, and continuously promoted while relevant. Contact me for rates, scheduling, and availability.

Work samples:


Ambassadorship: If I love your brand, and use your brand, I may just love to represent your brand! Ambassadorships come with exclusivity, so contact me for availability, scheduling and rates.


Social Media Blast: Paid social media advertising is available across all of my networks. This can include an image that you provide or original images. Contact me for pricing.

Newsletter sponsorship: Want to reach out directly to my most loyal readers? Sponsor a newsletter! Numbers keep growing, and as they grow I filter those who don’t open or click and remove them. So you know you’re reaching those who really read my newsletter.


Sponsored videos: Videos have the power to go viral! They also are more interesting and engaging, and a great way to promote your product in a lifestyle-sphere.


Advertising Terms and Relevancy :


Moms & Crafters is a rule-following website! That means the following:

  • All links will be coded as nofollow. Don’t worry – your post itself is indexed by the search engines.
  • Each post will contain a clear disclosure stating that it is a sponsored post. My readers appreciate that, and it’s what keeps them coming – so everybody wins!

Moms & Crafters is a family-friendly website. That means:

  • I don’t feature gambling or simulated gambling games.
  • No adult materials, products, books…
  • No alcoholic beverages, smoking products, etc.

I am an Orthodox Jew. That means:

  • Food products featured should be certified Kosher.
  • I don’t represent religious materials, books, jewelry unless it’s got the Star of David on it!
  • I LOVE berets, head coverings, and pashminas… (I cover my hair).

I am quite creative and can put a relevant spin on many products, as long as they fit with the above terms. It can’t hurt to ask!


Sounds good?


Contact me at menucha at momsandcrafters dot com and we can discuss how I can best feature your brand!





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