Are you a talented crafter? 

Do you love to put together simple crafts and take beautiful photos of it?

Do you have great ideas for fun activities for toddlers, children, and families?

Do you love to put together fun themed lists of crafts?

Do you love to write about almost any family-friendly topic?


Contact me at menucha at outlook dot com with your idea!

I will normally get back to you within twenty four hours or less to let you know if I’d like you to feature it on Moms & Crafters. 


What’s in it for you?

Many guest bloggers on Moms & Crafters are either bloggers looking for high quality back links, or hobbyists who love to craft but don’t necessarily have a blog of their own.


If you are a blogger, you  can put dofollow back links as they are relevant in the post. You can even create a roundup that features a few of your posts! If you don’t have a relevant post, you can place two image links leading to similar posts on your blog for readers to see what else you’ve got.

You can even put a one-sentence call-to-action at the end of your post for readers to check out or subscribe to your blog. And you can definitely have your blog URL in your bio at the end.


If you are a hobbyist – consider it a creative outlet! An online portfolio! A place to host your writing samples.


If you are an artisan and you sell your craft – you can feel free to link to your shop! Blogging is a great way to promote your goods, both by spreading the word AND by creating high quality, authentic back links for SEO. But it’s a full time job to have a blog that gets SEEN! So, posting on Moms & Crafters is an amazing way to do that on the side. Big brands pay lots of money to be featured on our blogs, but since crafting is what you do, and I was once where you are now, I am happy to allow you to link back to your shop in a guest post.

Note: I am willing to do this in the context of non-promotional posts, such as a craft. I can’t do this in the context of a product list, review, or gift guide. For those, you can see my media kit.


Whomever you may be – I will happily pin a few of your posts/photos/products, as relevant, to my various boards on Pinterest. Also, when I do have paid collaboration opportunities available, you will be the first ones I contact!


A few guidelines:


If you are a business (unless you are a small artisan selling handmade goods – see above), please see my media kit. This is for bloggers and individuals only.

All craft tutorials should feature step-by-step photos. See any of my crafts for an example.

All roundup posts should feature images from each of the authors. Make sure you have appropriate permissions from those bloggers to use their photos. (Contact them, or look on their websites for copyright information.)

I will take care of creating “cover images” for any posts, but if it’s a craft or a roundup, you must provide any images necessary.

All articles must be original and become the property of Moms & Crafters (with credit always given to you.) You may not republish the post afterward, however you may post a teaser or excerpt on your own blog. 


Want to know more? Contact me at menucha at outlook dot com with your idea, or with any inquiries!

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