DIY Wrap Bracelet with Faux Gemstones

Make a some faux gemstones and turn them into a DIY Wrap Bracelet in this easy but super fun tutorial!


First, make beautiful, marbleized "faux gemstone" beads, then turn the into these fun DIY wrap bracelets - a perfect handmade mother's day gift! It's beginner jewelry making craft tutorial, so anyone can try it.


My sister-in-law helped me with these last Sunday. We’ve seen a certain nail art tutorial circling around a lot and wanted to reproduce it on beads.


DIY wrap bracelets


To tell you the truth, for a while I’ve been wanting to color simple wooden beads using nail polish to make it nice ‘n shiny. I’ve successfully colored them with Sharpies in the past, but each time I tried nail polish, it seemed to small and messy.


This nail art marbling technique worked amazingly well! Each bead came out so unique! While the colors may be brighter than normal, the effect was still reminiscent of gemstones. We turned them into some trendy and fun DIY wrap bracelets that double as great Mother’s Day gifts!


Supplies for the Faux Gemstone DIY Wrap Bracelets: 


DIY wrap bracelets

Here’s what I used, along with affiliate links for your convenience.


  • Nail polish in fun colors. Go for some opaque and one or two sheer shades. The sheer shades will act as a “spacer” to allow the bead beneath to show through. I also used some glitter polishes. It took away from the “faux gemstone” look, but added some sparkle and pizzazz.  They don’t need to be your best polishes (thin ones do great), but older polishes will NOT work for this one, as they’ll be too thick to drip nicely, and will solidify too quickly. This craft, however, is a great way to use up old polish.
  • Plain beads. I used wood ones such as these. The light colors showed up best, but when I used brown shades on a dark bead, it lent it a slightly textured and authentic look. Large-holed beads make it easier to thread.
  • For the black bracelet I used a silk ribbon and for the other, suede cord. Any wide cord or ribbon will do – just make sure it will fit through the holes of the beads.
  • Wire and wire cutters  (any cheap bits of wire will do. )
  • E-6000 glue
  • A bowl of water
  • A piece of parchment for drying.


How to make the Faux Gemstone Beads: 


Prepare your bead on a bit of wire. Load your brush with the first color as much as possible. Drip into the bowl of water.


DIY wrap bracelets


Continue with the second color.


DIY wrap bracelets


And for as many as you’d like! We did up to four – more than that began to look muddy.


DIY wrap bracelets


Use the end of your wire to marbleize the mix. Work quickly…


DIY wrap bracelets


Give your bead a quick dip, ensuring that the color goes around. (You may need to do this twice.)


DIY wrap bracelets


Place it on the parchment to dry, hole-side-down so that it does not ruin the finish.


DIY wrap bracelets


Play around with different color beads and different nail polish combinations.


DIY wrap bracelets



Here is a video of the process, in case you do better with those:



How to make the DIY Wrap Bracelets: 


Cut a length of cord or ribbon approximately 3.5 times the size of your wrist.

Tie a single knot a few inches off-center. Slide on a bead.


DIY wrap bracelets


Tie a second knot and secure it up against the bead, to hold it in place.


DIY wrap bracelets


Continue with three beads, or however many you’d like. For this style, different marble-effect beads look great and add interest.


DIY wrap bracelets


Add a bit of glue to the tip of the ribbon.


DIY wrap bracelets


Insert the tip into another bead. I used a plain one for the ends; you can use a marbled one too.


DIY wrap bracelets


Repeat with the other end.


DIY wrap bracelets


My sister-in-law did the black bracelet. She created beads with coordinating colors. Since this bracelet has so many beads, too much variety would cause visual friction. The satin ribbon is wide enough to hold the beads in place, so there was no need to tie knots (another way to streamline the look). She finished it off the same way.

DIY wrap bracelets


The full bracelet looks like this:


DIY wrap bracelets



To wear the DIY wrap bracelet, wrap it around your wrist. Secure by wrapping the ends around the layers of bracelet a few times. The bead at the end acts as a stopper to prevent it from unwrapping.


DIY wrap bracelets

Wear one with pride


DIY wrap bracelets


And gift the second

DIY wrap bracelets

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  10. This is such a cute idea! I made these with my cousins at my Bat Mitzvah party. But if you’re going to make these MAKE SURE to use unfinished beads and suede cord or ribbon. We did it with the wrong supplies and it didn’t work as well.

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