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I hope you love the free printable you are about to download!

Yup, it’s totally free!  But there is one condition, and that is fair use of this printable as a freebie. That includes:

  • You may not sell it.
  • You may not redistribute it.
  • You can share it, by sharing the link to the printable page.
  • You may not copy it.
  • Attribution is required when sharing a graphic from this printable.
  • You can print a couple for your friends, but please be reasonable ;)
  • If you have any questions pertaining to fair use of this, comment below or contact me.

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  1. thank you the older girls i childmind will love them

  2. I love the coffee cup theme, a favorite of mine. I also love birds, fox, owls, seashells and beach. Thank you so much.

  3. very cute, want to color and put it on the fridge. it is time for mom to have a spot on the fridge.

  4. I make traditional hand hooked rugs. Would I be able to use these coffee cup patterns as a pattern for a rug for my own use only. I want to make a coffee station and this would be so cute. If not, I totally understand. Thanks.

  5. I love this kind of work, and I like you to ask if you would make a coloring page for adults and kids with another topic. In this case I would like you to create a “shopping street” with many houses with different shops.
    I don’t know if something like that already exists.


  6. Me encantaría tener alguno de esos diseños, pero parece que no quieren bajar de su página, es un problema constante, el IDIOMA.

  7. Thank you for letting me use your wonderful pictures. I love them, I have been coloring for about a year now. I have cancer and sometimes the pain gets really bad but when I pick up one of my coloring pages and start I don’t feel the pain as much so it is therapy for me. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  8. Are these coloring pages still available? I checked the emailed link and they will not download.

    • Hi Deborah!
      They definitely are. If you tried to download them more than a few days ago, the links do expire for security. You can enter your email again and it should send you a new download link. Just let me know if that doesn’t work! It also could be that your firewall is blocking it. In that case, you can email me and I’ll help you get them.

  9. Hey..I would love the download…It is so beautiful. America is near and dear to my heart as well.

    Thank you and I love your emails!

  10. How long does the download link work?

    • Hi Mel, I believe it expires after 48 hours, so you’d need to download it soon (you can save it for later if you don’t want to print right away). But if you’ve already done it and it expired, you can just go through the process again and get your download.

  11. Can I use one of these for the back ground of a bible study I’m doing for a few friends and I? It will be printed maybe 10 copies?
    If the answer is no, its all good, just thought I’d ask 🙂 it seemed kinda gray area.

  12. Thanks for the Marlo Thomas hair style reminder. Lol. My Mom and I wore those hair styles for years.

  13. Gwendolyn Kieso

    I do an event for the boy scout and girl scouts in the fall. This years theme is Christmas Past and present. I would like to share with them your turtle box. I know they have never seen or made any type of box like this before.

  14. I like this and will make it for my daughter.

  15. I looove the turtle box and I can’t wait until I can make one.. I am 28 and have a list of different illnesses that is as long as the alphabet; and in a lot of pain because of them.. I’ve loved making and creating things from a very young age but I too find that when I am either crafting of some kind/colouring/cross stitching that they help reduce my pain (and stop me from being bored too!) Thankyou SO much for sharing your talent with us.

  16. thank you is adorable

  17. I like this and will make it for my daughter.

  18. This will be fun for kids

  19. I am a preschool teacher and would love to have samples in my classroom.

  20. I would like this for my Granddaughter.

  21. I played with these when I was little. Way back when. Ha, ha, ha.

  22. Thanks; I use for my kids

  23. Muy bueno me encantó

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