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 Moms & Crafters is a NYC (Far Rockaway) based craft blog. I love to encourages creativity by showing that anyone can craft, enjoying the process, and being flexible with the results. I love encouraging fellow moms with crafting and self-care, and providing doable tutorials, thinking outside the box, sharing new art and craft skills, and showing Millennials how they can customize their lives.


I’m Menucha, NYC young mom of two active boys, and avid crafter, coffee drinker, jewelry artist, and graphic designer.


NYC New York crafty mom blogger



Reach me by emailing menucha@momsandcrafters dot com with your brand’s information and goals!



5 Ways I can help your business expand:

  1. Sponsored post on Moms & Crafters
  2. An ambassadorship
  3. Social media blasts
  4. Sponsored video
  5. Newsletter blast

Samples available upon request. For more information on any of these options, contact me at menucha@momsandcrafters dot com


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5 fun facts about Moms & Crafters:

  1. Over 190,000 monthly reach
  2. 20,000+ weekly newsletter subscribers.
  3. 94% of Moms & Crafters readers are women
  4. Over half of Moms & Crafters readers are Millennials
  5. Moms & Crafters content is DOABLE, relatable, and authentic.

Contact me for an updated media kit with detailed stats at any time!


I LOVE how easy it is to make this DIY key and accessory organizer. What a great idea to declutter an entryway. IT will fit a rustic or natural home decor theme, with a touch of metallic gold too. Such a great entry organization idea - and it uses rocks, which are stuck WITHOUT TOOLS - how cool?!

A fun, easy sponsored DIY



Get featured in a video – a favorite way that Millennial moms consume content!

Videos are a favorite and the most effective add-on to a sponsored post. Visual content has a lasting impact, and huge reach, with viral potential. Have your brand star in a DIY, hacks, or live video, to increase brand recognition and spread your message further.



5 things that sets Menucha apart:

  1. I’m a professional graphic designer with 5 years of experience. I coach fellow bloggers on their design skills, branding, and Photoshop knowledge. I am also a self-published illustrator, bringing my popular hand-drawn elements to many of my crafts.
  2. I bring a positive energy with a quirky personality – I encourage imperfection and practicality to make crafting accessible for everyone – even those who are less creative, short on time, or have little space.
  3. I am a member of multiple networking and share groups, with thousands of bloggers of all sizes.
  4. Your success is my ambition – I usually share beyond our agreement.
  5. I write every post, sponsored posts included, with the ultimate goal of it going viral.



Top Arts & Crafts Influencer on Mediavine:


Reach me by emailing menucha@momsandcrafters dot com.

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A photo we took for one of our favorite sponsored posts of all time






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