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Greeting Card Template + Print Instructions

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Here are print instructions and a template to for any greeting cards on Moms & Crafters. This is a new feature that I hope to offer regularly, so I figured I’ll make one “master list” of instructions for you.

Print + Assembly instructions: 

  • Open both the outside and inside files.
  • Print your outside, making sure NOT to scale to fit media, and that it is centered on the file. (Your printer popup should give you these options.)
  • Flip your paper, and print the inside.
  • Print the template, also making sure not to scale it.
  • Use the card print template as your guide for cutting out the card (solid line). Lay it on top of the printed card. Use a craft knife and ruler to cut out the card.
  • Score the center fold (dotted line) by using the BACK of the craft knife to mark through.
  • Fold on the score line.

Sharing is caring!