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When asked what “type” of website this is, I usually just say “crafts” or “lifestyle”. But it’s a lot more than that.


Here’s a little glimpse of what you can expect to find on Moms & Crafters:

I occasionally do deviate from this theme, but if you’re looking for these things, you’ll definitely want to subscribe!

A few more things you should know about Moms & Crafters: 

  • I am a stay at home mom trying to support my family. Therefore I do accept various forms of paid advertising. If a post or link is paid, you will always know. You can read my full disclosure policy here
  • I aim to create sponsored posts that are interesting and informative. I will create a craft based on a brand’s product, offer some tips, or similar. You will find that even my sponsored content is interesting, relevant, and worth a read!
  • I will never sell myself short for a product review. I do occasionally accept products from brands for review. Usually it’s a brand that I reached out to. Regardless, I only share about brands that I love.
  •  All photos and articles belong to Moms & Crafters unless otherwise specified. You may use a single image in a roundup post, as long as you do not post any instructions, and you feature a clear link back to my site (the word “source” in tiny letters doesn’t count).  If you want to use it in a collage image for the same post, you may do so as well. Please do not use photos that feature any of us in it. You may not use the image in any other way, or without a link. Please understand that lots of time, energy and effort goes into each post. If you’d like to repost an excerpt, please contact me. I am open to discussing it.
  • Guest posts: Moms & Crafters is open to guest posts, specifically for those with a website of their own. I am primarily looking for original crafts. I may be willing to repost an excerpt of your post, so feel free to reach out! Unfortunately, I can’t pay at this time (or I would), however I would be glad to share a relevant post of yours (or a few)! I would also allow you to link back to your own posts a couple of times within the guest post to give you quality link backs.
  • If you would like to sponsor me, feel free to contact me for a media kit!

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