leaf pennant from coffee filter

DIY Leaf Pennant from Coffee Filters

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I finally gave away my old ten cup coffeemaker.. but still had the filters! I decided to make something in the spirit of autumn. While my baby is still a bit young to craft with me, I am hopin gto start doing these things with him as soon as he can, and I’d like to start building a reservoir of ideas.

leaf pennant from coffee filters

I think it’s great when a craft is combined with a nature lesson, or other activity. Take a walk or hike with the child or children to collect leaves, and teach about how the leaves change colors. For slightly older children, you can add on to the project. You can point out the different types of trees, and challenge them to get a separate kind of leaf for each pennant. You can then write out the name of the tree and they can copy it in crayon on the coffee filter.

leaf pennant from coffee filter

This craft is so budget friendly and I had fun making the sample! Its also easy to adapt to your needs and modify accordingly. You can do just the basics. Or you can throw in some crayons for toddlers. I’ve already mentioned how to make this into a learning experience for elementary school age children…

You need:

Leaf Pennant from coffee filters

  • Leaves (avoid leaves that are too brittle)
  • Glue or scotch tape
  • Coffee filters
  • Twine (other ribbons can work too) for the length you’ll want your pennant
  • Fabric ribbon
  • Scissors (hole punch will probably not do the job on the coffee filters)


  • Glue leaves in the center of the coffee filter.

Leaf Pennant from coffee filters

  • Cut a hole near the top by pinching a small part and snipping a triangle. When yo open it, it should form a diamond shaped hole.

Leaf Pennant from coffee filters

  • Repeat for a few more filters – depending on how long you’re making it.

Leaf Pennant from coffee filters

  • Cut your fabric ribbon into 4-5 inch lengths. Make them longer if you want to make a bow.

Leaf Pennant from coffee filters

  • Tie the filters onto the twine using the ribbon. Hang and enjoy!


leaf pennant3

I love autumn. For the three and a half years I was in Israel, that is the season I missed most – with the beautiful colors of leaves… I decided to bring a touch of autumn in my home. Also, with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot coming up, where the tradition is to decorate an outdoor room, I thought I’d make something that can work as a Sukkah decoration as well.

leaf pennant2 leaf pennant1

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  1. This is a neat, simple little craft. I could see using other items besides leaves to make the pennants too. Great idea for using up those filters I no longer need since buying a Kuerig.

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