little fun club review

Little Fun Club Review

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Books are something that I believe no child can have too many of, especially in today’s digital age. Little Fun Club is a subscription box service that caters books to your child’s level. Each month, you get three age appropriate books.

little fun club review

First Impressions: 

The items came neatly wrapped. in a blue ribbon to match Little Fun Club’s branding.

Inside the box were the following books:

  • My Cuddly Cloth Dinosaur – a cloth book, that seems more for play than reading to children. ARV $6.99
  • Goodnight Moon – a softcover book, ARV $6.99
  • That’s What I’d Do – a hardcover book, based on a beautiful song about a mother’s love. It comes with a CD of the song. ARV $17.99
  • Another wrapped book in honor of baby’s birthday. Things that go – a board book with a huge pop out page at the end – ARV $7.99

little fun club review

Total value before the surprise book: $31.97 – for a nice retail value above the subscription cost ($25/month). Because they sent me the box the month of his birthday, the total value was $39.96.


  • Receive three books monthly
  • Books are tailored to baby or child’s age and development
  • Retail value of books will be higher than subscription cost
  • Contains variety in the style of books
  • For your child’s birthday, that month’s box will contain an extra – fourth – book, gift wrapped!

little fun club review

What I Liked:

I have not seen a lot of book subscriptions around, and I love the idea. I spent lots of time asking around for the best books and this box does the job for you.

I LOVE that they treat the child for his birthday – what a great idea! He had fun opening the book, and that’s his favorite one in the box! He loves opening the last page so that it pops upp into a jumbo page.

little fun club review

I also like that there’s variety. In the box was a cloth book, a softcover, a hardcover, and a board book. The hardcover comes with a music CD making it more than just a book.

They were obviously thinking out of the box (no pun intended) with the books as we have TONS of books, and there were no doubles. Even if there was a double, I would have happily saved it for when the original gets destroyed, or given it as a gift.

What I Didn’t Like:

I did not feel as though it was so well-catered to his age. I think there are so many more books out there that are much more age-appropriate. The dinosaur book is not really much to read – it’s better for infants, although he does play with it. The book “That’s What I’d Do” is great for the music, but I can’t read it to him as he grabs the pages. It’s the same with “Goodnight Moon”. I would have liked to see more board books- maybe one or two in the original box, not as the extra book. Also, I’d like them to be books that can actually be read. The board book – “Things That Go” ironically does not seem to be on such a level, it seems more appropriate for a 2.5 year old, or older. (It is a search book, which encourages the child to find the matching trucks.)

That being said, I do appreciate that even though they may not have been on the exact level, they will last longer. So there might not be anything that I’ll sit and read to him now, but it’s definitely far from a waste, as these are great books that he’ll enjoy in a year or so.

little fun club review

Who it’s Best For:

  • Parents who want to encourage reading and language, but are unsure of where to start
  • Anyone wanting to give a book gift to a child, but is unsure of which books to choose
  • Anyone looking to build his child’s library.

Final Score ****

While I would have liked to see more books catered to his age and level, I do like that I will have fresh books in a year from now. It’s a great concept, with great value, so I highly recommend it.

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Disclaimer: I received a free sample of the product to facilitate this honest review. I received no other compensation. All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way. I have rejected in the past products I did not believe were appropriate and would only review a product I personally endorse.

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  1. The books are the best gift! Especially Good night moon! It is my 1 year Olds favorite book, he needs it every night! ♡

  2. I haven’t heard of this subscription box before. I love books for my girls and I think a lot of moms would really like this.

  3. This looks like a really neat subscription to have! I love getting new books for my littles and I love opening a box not knowing what exactly is inside!

  4. This is definitely a subscription box I could see myself getting.. can’t go wrong with books! I have a 20 month old daughter and a 7 week old niece so they could share it!

  5. BOOKS! My son loves books so much. I catch him “reading” to himself. He’ll be three in March but he’s memorized a few books and just makes up words in the others. Makes me so happy to know he’s a book worm! I could see myself getting a subscription!

  6. This is amazing! What a great gift idea for Grandparents, esp. those who live far away from their Grands but want to do something on a regular basis for their little ones! Thanks for the great idea…. 🙂

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