Etsy Seller Tips

Etsy Seller Tips – Keeping it Fresh

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This is the latest installment in my Etsy Seller Tips series. To view previous installments, click here. This one is a quick and easy topic to get the weight of SEO off your head.

Etsy Seller Tips

In this article, I’ll have to tell you “do as I say not as I do.” I’ve had better moments with this, and I’ve had worse, and I’ve seen a huge difference in the way it affected in sales. As you remember, I’ve written in my first installment, that while I’m not perfect in all this, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and plan to share that with you.

Etsy Seller Tips – How to Keep it Fresh:

Keeping it fresh means constantly posting new items. Aim for seasonal picks as well as constant items. Keep designing and adding to your inventory. If an item needs to be refreshed multiple times without selling, consider taking new photographs, updating the SEO, and rewriting the description.

Etsy Seller Tips – The Importance of Keeping it Fresh: 

Etsy has over one million sellers with countless amounts of items for sale. You want to be found. while I told you in previous articles some ways to be found, it can still be difficult. Increasing your odds is about making your presence stronger and when you add items to your shop, it is more likely you will be found.

Let’s say Etsy had 1000 listings. You have 5 items in your shop. Now let’s imagine you add five more. Etsy has 1005 listings and 10 of them are yours. Your chances of being found have near doubled.

Etsy Seller Tips – The Perks of Keeping it Fresh:

Aside from helping to expand your presence on Etsy, keeping things fresh has some added benefits:

  • An increased presence in outside search engines
  • A small bonus with SEO – where all other factors are equal, a fresh listing is considered a higher rank
  • Customers like to see things that are current and the seller is on top of things
  • Staying on top of seasonal trends make buyers more likely to purchase your item. (for example, back to school items, holidays, color trends, etc.)
  • When a customer does sort listings by date added, having fresh listings puts you higher up.

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