Etsy Seller Tips – Introduction

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Many of my facebook fans have been asking about tips for selling their handmade items on Etsy. For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is a very popular marketplace where individuals can open online shops to sell things. The main difference between Etsy and sites such as Ebay and Amazon, is that on Etsy, you are required to sell items that are either 1. Handmade by you, 2. Vintage or 3. Supplies for handcrafts. The advantage of selling these types of items there is that it directly targets an artisan market and those that appreciate these factors.

While I’ve had better times and worse times, I’ve seen what has worked for me and what hasn’t. This series is all about what has worked… and what hasn’t. It’s also about creating a brand identity and some small tips on the side. I hope to add an article a week to this series until I’ve said all there is to say. I am here to share my learning experiences with you. To make sure you receive all the updates, make sure you subscribe to my blog (see the form on the right sidebar). You will receive a maximum of one email a day with a digest of new posts.

This course is geared both toward the experienced seller and toward those of you who are just considering opening shop. If you are already selling, simply skip the paragraphs you don’t need.

As you know, I’ve been on Etsy for a few years already. I opened my jewelry shop in 2010, after a few years of selling bits and pieces online. Since then it’s been full of uphills and downhills. There were times I’ve dedicated more and times I’ve dedicated less.

A snapshot of my etsy shop

In 2013 I added in another shop, offering supplies. The goal of this shop initially was to help get rid of some supplies I no longer needed and to enable me to buy in bulk and keep costs down in my first shop, while still offering unique pieces.

In September of 2013 everything changed. I became a mother. I’ve always wanted to be a stay at home mom. But in today’s economic climate, it’s virtually impossible. To add onto that, I plan to send my children to private schools only. Tuition is exorbitant. That changed the face of my shops.

I am now turning my combined passion for jewelry and for creating things into what needs to be a steady income. That’s my reason. You have your own reason. Whatever that reason is, that will be the building block of this series. You must determine the reason you would like to sell, as that will be your motivation. Actually, it will be more than your motivation. It will be the foundation on which your shop is built.

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This article is part of a series.

Part 2 – Setting up shop
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