18+ Feather Crafts to Display, Wear, and Enjoy!

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I’m thrilled to share with you some super fun feather crafts you’ll want to try today! This post contains affiliate links.

As I explore my craft room for things to create, I like to start with materials. Let’s discuss feather crafts!

There are so many fun and beautiful things you can create using feathers. You can craft many unique things that go way beyond the traditional feather-on-canvas craft. Feathers are one of my favorite crafting items and for a good reason! They add a touch of warmth and spirit to any project.

These fun feather crafts include the perfect ideas for everyday home decor or for a new stylish accessory you didn’t know you needed. Each craft will use feathers in a fun and unique way to keep you guessing and help you come up with unique ways to use feathers in your crafting endeavors. 

Feathers go beyond the solid colorful ones of your childhood. Try smaller spotted feathers, unique duck or pheasant feathers, dramatic ostrich or peacock feathers or neutral turkey feathers. You can purchase solid colored packs for more specific projects too.

Here are the best feather crafts for any crafter to try.

Hanging Art Feather Crafts

When I say “feather” you think: wall art! Here are some ideas for different ways to make wall hangings and other hanging decor with feathers. Most of these really showcase the type of feather you use, so choose wisely and creatively!

DIY Feather Wall Hanging by Homey Oh My

A simple feather wall hanging doesn’t have to look tacky! Simply choose your feathers wisely and keep things neutral. This one just looks so good!

Gold-Dipped Feather Mobile by J Sorelle Blog

Feathers are so soft and fluffy, light and airy and cheerful! If you’re putting together a nursery in a neutral color scheme, but you want to keep it playful, this gold-dipped feather mobile is elegant and still fun for baby.

DIY Gold Tip Feather Garland by Simple Stylings

Or, use the gold-tipped feather trick to make a garland! Go for a wintry white vibe, fall browns, or cheerful colors for Spring and summer. Gold works with anything – your feathers don’t need to be white!

DIY Feather Art by Hunt and Host

A simple collection of feathers makes for gorgeous nature-inspired framed art! Because there’s nothing more artistic than nature itself! This tutorial uses one type of feathers lined up, but you can also make it with single feathers or collections of mixed feathers. 

How to Make a Feather Wreath by Hedgecombers

Add drama to your front door with one of nature’s most weather-hearty materials: feathers! Yup, they can be outdoor friendly too, although, if soaked, they may sag. But they’ll recover! Once again, you can keep it natural or go for any bright color combination, depending on the season.

Feather Decorations

Feathers can be used to decorate for all sorts of occasions. These ideas combine the soft look of feathers with more rustic materials and seasonal silhouettes to show you just how much you can do with them! 

Feather Trees by Down Redbud drive

Feathers can be adhered to any specifically shaped base to form a shape with style! But arranging feathers in layers can make a really cool Christmas tree for a mantel or other surface decor.

DIY Christmas Feather Tree Cones by The Things She Makes

Or try this variation with fluffier feathers for a softer look. Now what shapes will you try covering with feathers?!

Repurposed Earring Burlap and Feather Napkin Rings by DIY Inspired

This fabulous contrast in textures makes for some cool table decor to totally upgrade that special occasion! Mix burlap with repurposed jewelry and some feathers for added pizzaz and a masquerade vibe.

Feather Display by Songbird Blog

Simply arranging some feathers in an aesthetic display is a super fun and cool way to craft with them! The base really solidifies the whole look. You’ll want a cool mix of feathers for this one.

Feather Accessories

Of course, feathers make for fabulous accessories with a boho vibe! But while modern boho tends to inspire neutrals, why not include some fun colors like your hippie Grandma would have loved?

Feather Earrings by Moms and Crafters

Craft these sweet feather earrings using neon feathers in mini sizes. Of course, you can make these with small feathers in browns and whites – and gold – if you’re going more for the aesthetic shared above. But I just love the color in this set. 

Dream Catcher Necklace by Moms and Crafters

Or, go all-out with the boho situation and make a dream catcher necklace! Yes, home decor CAN make cool jewelry too! I just love those little felt flowers.

Red, White, and Blue DIY Feather Hair Clips by DIY Inspired

A is the queen of hair clips and I totally want to make these for her! The feathers make the flowers that much more special. And while this was created specifically in red, white and blue to be patriotic, you can make it evergreen or specific to another season as well. 

How To Make A Beautiful No-Sew Feather Bird Mask by Blue Bear Wood

Of course, bird crafts might be an obvious choice for feather crafts. But you can totally think out of the box with that too! For example, this feather mask is so beautiful, you’ll want to make it for a dress-up or masquerade at any time of year! It can also be part of a costume. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Pencils by Moms and Crafters

Make these adorable Dr. Seuss inspired craft featuring Thing 1 and Thing 2! It's an adorable DIY for back to school or any time of year, and is perfect for kids, teens and tweens!

Bright turquoise feathers are reminiscent of the mischievous Thing 1 and Thing 2’s wild mane. So why not make fun themed pencils using feathers? I used mini red duct tape to cover the base and made a simple glued-on “Thing” badge.

Washi Tape Feather Topped Pens by The Crafting chicks

Or, top pens with feathers without making it a specific theme! This fun idea is totally giftable and makes a great party favor or group gift solution.

More Feather Crafts

These feather crafts are good for any occasion and any time (even the ones that are more specifically themed). They didn’t fit anywhere else, so I’m putting them here. 

Gold Dipped Feathers by Lollyjane

So you saw all the gold dipped feathers above, but why not create a fun spin-off? Any of the gold feather crafts above can be done using glittered feathers instead, following this tutorial, for more of a glam factor. Or switch off between regular gold and glitter gold.

DIY Painted Feathers by Free People

Love rock painting? Did you know that feathers can also serve as a nature-derived surface for your art? This tutorial shows you how to accomplish that. When you’re done, scroll back up and see some ideas for what you can create with your painted feathers!

Oh-So-Simple Boho-Inspired Hoop Christmas Ornaments by A Pretty Fix

Letting feathers take the spotlight is a fabulous way to showcase their beauty. While these were created as ornaments, you can make it in large scale (with large feathers) as a wall hanging, or in mini (with tiny feathers) as jewelry, keychains or other fun crafts.

Feather Craft Diva Duck by Blue Bear Wood

Feather’s all about the fashion, and diva duck just shows it! This feather craft is way out of the box and I love it! Get as creative as you like, and use up your old colors to bust your stash. 

Gold Leafed Feather Gift Wrap Idea by The Crafting Chicks

Back to the gold feathers, this one uses a gold leaf technique to embellish for a solid, smooth metallic finish! It was used as part of gift wrap, but once again, you can use it for anything you’d like.

Got any favorite feather crafts to add to the list? Comment below!

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