Felt Ice Cream Cone Craft (Free Template)

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Create an adorable DIY felt ice cream cone with this tutorial and free download! When you’re done, check out this ice cream activity for preschoolers. This post contains affiliate links.

I love crafting fun little surprises for my kids, and they’re all big fans of cozy things.

With summer weather warming up, this felt ice cream cone craft is the perfect mood! It’s an especially great pick if you’re home on vacation, because there is so much skill-building and things to learn! You can take your time to get into it – learn new stitches, add extra scoops and designs, or start a collection of different flavors.

Your tweens will definitely love crafting this felt ice cream cone, but it’s also really sweet for parents to craft for their kids.

Many kids like little stuffies like this just to keep and hold, but if you want to do more with your creation, you can attach a keychain or brooch pin and use it as a backpack charm. You can also gift it to a young friend to serve at their next doll party. It’s not suitable for a baby or toddler, though.

This felt ice cream cone can also be crafted as a flat felt craft, and made smaller as a brooch to wear.

The template I’m giving you includes a cone, two scoops, and a cherry, but it’s easy to just use those as a starting point – for a simpler project, you can use one scoop and no cherry; for a more complex project you can add extra scoops or toppings. You can also print the template on a larger scale to make a bigger stuffie if you have time to work on it.

I also included an SVG version of the template for the Cricut crafters.

The instructions for this craft teach you to embroider the details on the ice cream cone, which is a big part of its charm. But if you have a beginning crafter who wants to join in and really isn’t ready to embroider, you can always use permanent markers or fabric paint markers to make the designs.

Beginners can also use a simple whip stitch for the edges instead of the blanket stitch that I’ll be showing you. A small craft like this is a great way to learn and practice more varied stitches, but if you’re not ready it’s fine to keep it simple.

Another fun variation would be to use pellets instead of soft filling. Pellet filling provides a great sensory experience to hold or squeeze. It adds weight which can feel nice to fidget with but would make it a little harder to carry on a keychain, so keep that in mind.

If you don’t have polyfill or stuffing, you could use cotton balls in a pinch – the craft is small enough. Polyfill will give you a better squishy texture, though.

What you’ll need

How to craft a felt ice cream cone

1. Print the template and cut out all the pieces (or cut them using your Cricut). Trace them onto felt sheets in the colors of your choice and cut them out. Your template includes one of each shape; for a stuffie, make two of each scoop (the cone will fold over on itself)

2. We’re going to start by adding the waffle design to the ice cream cone. I started it off freehand, but eventually drew on temporary lines.

Thread your needle with tan thread (or the color of your choice for the lines on the cone). Make a knot in the end of the thread. Insert the needle through the back of the cone and pull it through to the front.

3. Bring the needle around the edge of the cone to the back again, and sew it through to the front again – this time, bring the needle up right through the middle of the first piece of thread to form a split stitch.

4. Pull the rest of the thread through. Don’t pull it tightly enough to squeeze the felt edge; do it just enough so there is no loose thread hanging around.

5. Start your second stitch by stitching the needle through the felt from front to back.

6. Now, bring the needle back up in the middle of that stitch, pulling it through the middle of the piece of thread.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 to continue making a whole row of split stitches across the length of the cone shape.

8. When you get to the opposite edge, flip the piece over and sew through one of the last stitches to secure the end in place.

9. You don’t need to cut off the thread; you can just move over about an inch and start the next row the same way you started the first. Continue to make lines of split stitches across the whole cone. When you’ve filled the cone with lines going one way, turn the corner and make lines going across the other way using the same technique.

How sweet is this cone?! Time to fill it with ice cream!

10. Next, we’re going to make some sprinkles. You can do this simply by stitching small stitches across your scoop. Or, for more texture, make French knots!

I’m using red thread on a chocolate background. Thread your needle, make a knot, and pull it through from back to front.

11. Holding the needle against the felt right where it emerged from the back, wrap the thread around it two or three times, close to where the needle emerges from the felt.

12. Poke the needle back through the felt as close as possible to the same hole where it came out of (but not actually through the same hole – just very close).

13. With one hand holding the looped thread against the felt where the needle pokes through, use your other hand to gently pull the thread through to the back.

14. Tighten it – it’ll form a tidy little French knot.

15. Repeat as many times as you want, scattering sprinkles randomly over your ice cream scoop.

16. Now that the ice cream is ready, let’s put it in the cone! Arrange all the parts (cone, scoops, and cherry) on your work surface and use straight pins or clips to hold them together. When arranging the pieces, fold the cone in half similar to how a real ice cream cone is closed.

17. Thread your needle and knot the end of the thread. Starting at the tip of the cone, insert your needle going from the inside to the outside of the cone.

18. Secure it in place with 1-2 stitches going around the tip of the cone.

19. Use blanket stitches to sew up the edge of the ice cream cone.

20. Blanket stitch until you come to the point where the cone meets the scoop.

21. When you get to the top of the cone, secure the corner with a single stitch.

22. Now we’re going to attach the cone to the ice cream. We only want to attach the top layer of the cone to the top layer of the ice cream scoop – be careful not to sew the layers together, so you have space to stuff it later.

One way I like to keep myself on track is to open up the project on one side and stick my fingers in to separate the layers as I work.

23. Make blanket stitches along the top edge of the ice cream cone, with the needle going through both the cone and the top layer of the ice cream.
Do the same thing on the other side – continue going around the top edge of the ice cream cone, but this time stitch it together with the other layer of the ice cream scoop, continuing to keep the layers separate from each other.

When you’ve gone around both sides, finish off by making a knot on the inside of the project.

24. Thread the needle with a color that goes with your first ice cream scoop, and make a knot at the end. Starting from the inside again, make blanket stitches around the edge of the ice cream scoop. Stitch together both layers of the ice cream along the side just until you reach the second scoop.

25. When you get to the second color of ice cream, separate the layers again and only sew together the top layer of each ice cream scoop – just as you did when the edge of the cone met the first scoop.

Once again, it may help you to hold/separate the layers from the inside.

26. When you finish connecting the two ice cream scoops, run your needle through the inside of the project to the other side to continue sewing the sides together.

27. If you’d like, you can tie off and switch to a different thread color when you reach the next scoop. Blanket stitch the first side of that scoop through both layers to close the side. When you get to the top, attach the cherry just as you did for the scoops, and then continue the blanket stitch around the outside of the cherry. Leave the other side open for the stuffing.

28. Take your stuffing material (polyfill or pellets) and push it in through the open side. Use your fingers to distribute it evenly through the cone and scoops.

Sew the last bit closed using a blanket stitch, finishing with the needle on the inside. Pull the needle between the front and back layer, knot off as close as possible to the seam. Trim and use the needle to poke the knot back between the layers, to the inside of the project. 

Your felt ice cream cone stuffie is done! It looks too cute to eat!

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