Toadstool House Lantern – Easy Paper Craft for Kids

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Craft some fun toadstool house lanterns out of cardboard tubes! You can read my big list of toilet paper roll crafts or scroll down for the full tutorial. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Craft an adorable toadstool lantern Spring craft for kids - using toilet paper rolls!


These whimsical toadstool house lanterns are fun to create! Allow kids to experiment with decorating them, and make a whole village to play with, to display, or just for fun.

They look like the perfect little houses for fairies to live in!




These are designed to be lanterns using flameless LED candles. They are paper, so of course they’d burn if you tried lighting them up for real.

These flowers were cut out manually, however, if you want to make your life easier, I recommend getting a small flower paper punch – it’s a really versatile shape to have handy – and kids love using them! The center circles are optional.



Whenever I make toilet paper roll crafts, there are always a few readers who start talking about the germs that they collect in the bathroom… and I do agree that might not be your best bet for crafting. Here’s what I do:

  1. Save paper towel tubes instead and cut them down to size.
  2. Buy new tubes for crafting.
  3. Wiggle the center tube out of the toilet paper before it goes into the bathroom.




What you need to make a toadstool house lantern:




How to make a toadstool house lantern:

1. Take a toilet paper roll and cut into half. If you want to keep the house taller you can use the whole roll, or cut it to any height you want.


2. Use pencil to draw a simple window on the paper roll.


3. Use a craft knife and/or scissors to cut the center, top and bottom sides of the window. Keep the outer edges of the window intact.


4. Paint and allow it to dry completely.


5. Cut out the grass and flowers from colored craft papers.


6. Apply glue along the bottom straight end of the grass cut out. Attach the glued part of the grass around the bottom edge of the toilet paper roll house, under the cut out window.


7. Glue the flowers onto the grass.


8. Cut out a circle out of colored craft paper. The diameter of the circle should be about 2 times the size of the diameter of the toilet paper roll. Paint it with red paint. Allow the paint to dry.


9.Use the tip of a pencil eraser to stamp white dots on the red circle.


10. Cut a slit from the outer edge towards the center of the circle. Overlap the two sides of the slit and glue them to create a slight cone shape. This will be the roof of the toadstool house.


11. Cut out a small piece from the flexible part of a drinking straw. This will be the chimney of the house.


12. Attach the straw to the cone roof.


13. Attach the cone roof on the top of the tissue paper roll house. Allow the glue to dry.


14. Switch on an LED tea light, and place the toadstool house over it.


What will you be using these toadstool house lanterns for? Comment below!



Click to learn how to make these whimsical toadstool house lanterns - fun fairy houses for kids to play with or to decorate a fairy themed birthday party.


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