Ginger Flower Craft from Crepe Paper!

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This crepe paper ginger fower craft is such a fun way to welcome in the sunny weather. While you can make this to welcome in Spring, it’s also a great activity to do during the cold, winter days as well and a fun thing to do with older kids at home. This post contains affiliate links.

What I love most about this crepe paper flower is that it’s so unexpected.

It’s also fun, with the bright red color and green accent that  just me smile and long for the warmer weather and yards full of flowers.

It’s easy to assemble, and a favorite paper flower of mine – you don’t even need a template because it uses such basic shapes!

If you want something more open-ended, and good for younger kids too, you can check out these paper flower templates too.



 I love the texture of crepe paper on flowers – it adds a touch of realism without requiring any more look.

You can make a bouquet of flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, get well thoughts, or “just because”.



While this is a grown-up paper flower craft, it’s simple enough to do with older kids as well. They’ll appreciate that it’s not babyish and that it looks so real.



With only four simple supplies needed, you’ll love the ease and outcome of this ginger flower craft.

When you’re done try some crepe paper peonies, or give this DIY paper rose template a go!





What you need to make these Crepe Paper Ginger Flower Craft:


How to make these Crepe Paper Crafts: 

1. Take the green paper and cut out a 4 cm x 12 cm strip. Roll the strip to form a thin straw (if you have it, you can also use a green paper straw for this). Glue it shut.


2. Cut out 12-15 pieces of teardrop-shaped crepe paper – roughly 3 cm long.


3. Cut a 1 cm slit along the middle of the bottom end of the teardrops.


4. Add a little glue to the bottom of one of your tear drops.


5. Wrap that piece of crepe paper around the top of the green straw that you made.


6. Take another teardrop and apply glue to the bottom. Fold it in half and wrap the two split sides around the green pipe on the side, but below the top of your first tear drop. Keep the open end of the teardrop facing up.


7. Take another teardrop but this time attach it to the opposite side of the one you just did. Remember to keep rotating sides, and to place each one at even intervals below the one on before. Continue this pattern until the flower is formed. 

8. Cut leaf shapes from the green crepe paper.

9. Attach the leaves below the ginger flower on the green stem. Make as many of these leaves as you’d like.


Your ginger flower is now complete!

I hope you liked making this crepe paper ginger flower craft!! Are you planning on making some for your home?   Comment below!

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