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Re-heating Pasta the Easy Way

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Leftover pasta just doesn’t seem to taste as good as fresh! As an avid pasta fan (it’s my undisputed favorite food – oh, actually maybe potato chips, or chocolate… whatever!!), this frustrated me. It was also complicated for me to heat in the microwave… here’s a tip for heating it on the stove…

1. Take out leftover pasta, place on stove

 2. Add milk (depending on how much pasta you’re heating – about half a cup). If you’re lazy and impatient like me, heat on high flame. For evenly heated pasta, cook on medium-low flame.

3. Stir occasionally until heated through.

4. Serve with a nice glass of chocolate milk. Enjoy and don’t binge (I think I did… )

The milk helps the pasta not dry out when you heat it on the stove. It adds a rich, creamy texture (plus some calcium) and is much healthier than frying to reheat, or using the microwave. It also masks the leftover texture and taste. It’s pasta freak approved….

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Sharing is caring!