Tetris Craft: Make Tetris Pieces Magnets!

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Are you a Tetris fan or do you know one? This Tetris craft will amaze you! Tetris pieces magnets are quick and easy to make and to gift. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links


Are you a Tetris fan or do you know one? You'll love this Tetris craft! Tetris pieces magnets are quick and easy to make and are a great cheap DIY gift.


When I was a kid, Tetris was COOL. Today, the game still has a charm as one of the classics, a pioneer in video gaming.


These Tetris-inspired magnets are both fun and functional. Use them on a locker, to stick memos on a fridge, or play around with them. They are easy and quick enough to make a few sets as gifts. They make a great party craft too, and are a perfect craft to entertain teens.


Are you a Tetris fan or do you know one? This Tetris craft will amaze you! Tetris pieces magnets are quick and easy to make and are a great cheap DIY gift.


Make them in plain wood colors to gift to Dad for Father’s Day, or make them in bright colors to gift to the geeky teen in your life.


You can really be flexible with the beads you use, as long as they are square in shape, and lightweight like wood. Just pay attention to size: 10-12mm is my happy place for these.


One of my favorite things about this Tetris craft is that it spans so many ages. You can try it with children and adults of all ages – and they’re so much fun to make!




Supplies you need for the DIY Tetris magnets:

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  • Square wooden beads
  • The type of glue you use can vary, as wood is a very lightweight, porous material. For children I’d use tacky glue. Adults can use a glue gun, E6000 or wood glue. On my first batch, I used a mix of tacky glue and   E6000, and on my second I used this wood glue that Elmer’s sent me to try – both worked great!
  • The magnets I used are neodymium magnets that are dangerous for young children. You can use ceramic magnets which are safer (but still a choking hazard for young kids). On my second round making this tetris craft, I used ceramic – they’re not as strong, but you can cut them in half to fit.


Giving it as a gift? Turn it into a real cool “collector’s set” by giving it in a tin with a clear top. The magnets will stick to the bottom of the tin, holding it in place.


How to make the Tetris craft:


Watch the video below to see how I did it! Or, scroll down for the step-by-step tutorial.





Start by planning out your design. Lay it out without gluing.



Glue together the bead one by one. I tried to allow flat sides (without holes) to show as much as possible, but don’t worry if some sides with holes show too. It’ll look great anyway!



Once it’s completely dry, glue a magnet to the back. Allow it to dry again before using it.




Do you know a fan who would love this Tetris craft? Hit the share buttons to the left, and share the awesomeness! Comment below: Who will you make this for?

Are you a Tetris fan or do you know one? This Tetris craft will amaze you! Tetris pieces magnets are quick and easy to make and are a great cheap DIY gift.

Click if you're a TETRIS fan and would love to learn how to make your own DIY Tetris-inspired magnets! This super cool Tetris craft is one of my favorite crafts for teens - including teenage boys and girls! #teencrafts #tetris #magnets


This post was originally published on May 31, 2015 and was updated when I made it again! I even added a video for you to enjoy 🙂

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  1. Love this! I was obsessed with Tetris when I was younger, used to play it on my original Game Boy! x

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  3. What a great idea!

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  5. Hi! I was looking at this and I noticed that when I clicked the link, Amazon directed me to a page that said something was wrong with the web address. I was wondering if you could tell me what the magnets were? That’d be great. Thanks!

    • Hi, Rachel!
      The Neodymium magnets I used don’t seem to be available on Amazon anymore in that size but you can still get them on ebay.
      Alternatively, you can use ceramic magnets.

      • Love your web site and craft ideas. However, I have a quick question. In the Tetris Magnet craft illustrations, I see you have a picture of a tube of E6000. My question is: When using this type of glue/adhesive, do you wear gloves when using E6000 or is it safe to use without gloves and do you have to have a well ventilated area when using E6000? I have never used E6000, and I figured I would ask for your opinion on how you work with it before purchasing and using the glue/adhesive. Thank You!!

        • Hi Pam, I appreciate your concern! I confess, when it comes to chemicals in craft supplies, I’m not as health-conscious as I should be. I’d probably be better off doing this with gloves on. As far as a well-ventilated area – that is a must! I take this out of my closet craft room and do it on the dining table instead. Definitely be careful as it’s not healthy to inhale. As far as gloves: I don’t think that they tell you to use them, but you might want to anywya.

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  12. I love these! Super cute!!

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