Train Printables – Magnetic Play Set

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I designed these train printables and magnetic play set years ago and I’m finally sharing it here for you to enjoy! This is such a fun travel activity for toddlers but is also great for everyday at-home play. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Click for some really cool train printables and magnetic travel activities for preschoolers, toddlers, and more!


Both M and Y love everything travel related and are total train geeks. M gets excited every time that we pass the LIRR and even know that it stands for “Long Island Rail Road”. Since he has always been obsessed with magnetic play, I made this railroad set for him years ago to play with on the fridge, and I’m finally getting around to creating a post for it. Whoops!



This train printable is designed as a magnetic toy. It includes train tracks, trains, and various signs. Since it’s a printable, you can expand it as you’d like, printing some of the pages multiple times, or just print it out once.


I printed it on printable magnetic sheets. They are really cool and make the assembly as simple as cutting out your tracks with a craft knife.


However, magnet sheets are pretty thin (hey, they need to fit through your printer!) So if you want this to last longer, I’d recommend printing them out on paper or card stock, laminating them, and simply sticking magnets to the back. You can also try peel-and-stick magnet sheets. Otherwise, use it as a “take out activity” not a “leave out toy” or your toddler will check to see what happens when he crumples it. Will it crumple? I speak from experience…



Actually, these train printables make the perfect travel activity (to go with my travel do a dot sheets) – your kids can play on a metal sheet pan, or anything metal.

They can also be played with at home on the fridge, dishwasher, or on anything you have that holds magnets.



Have fun and all aboard!


Download your train printables:


Get it on Etsy




I hope you enjoy your train printables! Don’t forget to share and to join the Sisterhood of Crazy Crafters for more fun, crafty goodies!



Click for some DIY train magnets and train printables! These are fun travel activities and a great resource for teaching about transportation.

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