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Motherhood and the Art of Distraction

Motherhood and the Art of Distraction

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As a first time mother, I’ve learned many new skills, the most valuable of which is the art of distraction.


Are you a master of distraction? If you're a mom you probably are. Read about motherhood and the art of distraction


I was always an artist, from the day I was born. I liked to paint. I enjoyed the art of jewelry making, starting with friendship bracelets, and expanding to beading and basic metalwork. But I’d never given the art of distraction too much thought.


Distraction is truly an art, as the mother of any young child will tell you. Toddlers have a quirk about them. Anything you want they want the opposite. Finding the perfect things that will let YOU win that battle requires practice and experience.


Let’s start with tissues. They love playing with the and making it “snow”. But when you try to blow their noses with it… well, you need to pull in the art of distraction. Do it in a mirror, sing at the top of your lungs, and you may just succeed.


Naptime. It’s a never-ending battle. They won’t go to sleep unless you don’t want the to (think – on the way to the doctor to get their shots). Distraction is the key to successfully keeping your child awake.

They will cry hysterically when you put them in for that much-needed nap. “Please Mama – don’t leave me all alone!”. I skillfully whip out his plush night light, place it next to him and sneak out of the room while he is still preoccupied.


Oh, that protein that he just won’t eat! I see so any moms talking about sneaking in veggies that I begin to wonder if my son is the only one who eats too many. Distraction. I put some veggies on his plate so that he doesn’t notice the chicken. And before you know it, he forgets that he’s on a “protein strike” and is slurping up the poultry too.


Anything and everything dangerous – they seem to love it! “My home is totally childproof,” said no mom ever. Kids have a way of getting around childproofing. Or of finding new dangerous games. Once again distraction saves the day. I pull out the “special” toys. I show him the laundry basket he can unfold. And yes, the toy cabinet. That is a true lifesaver…



This is why our cabinets must always be empty….I don’t usually share videos of my little one, but this was too cute not to 😉 Anyone else have a toddler who loves to hide in cabinets?

Posted by Menucha Designs – Moms and Crafters on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Diaper changes are a nightmare, especially when M has a rash. Even when he doesn’t – which toddler likes to stay put for so long? I pull out every toy within grabbing vicinity and voila! A clean diaper!


Getting your newborn to take a pacifier. I don’t know about you, but for us it was never-ending distraction. It actually did not work.

Then you need to wean her from the pacifier. So you distract with a lovey. And then when it’s time to let go of the lovey, you use … what?


If you’ve ever dealt with a full blown toddler tantrum , you’ve likely tried distraction too – for better or for worse!



No one is ask skilled at this art than a mom. Don’t try to compete or compare. A mom practices this all day, every day. This is her full time job.

No, distraction is not flawless. No art is. Do you know how many fails I have before I come up with the average craft for this blog? But it’s a great place to turn to when my toddler is having a “day”. Or rather, when I am. Did I mention coffee?


Disclaimer: This post is not intended as parenting advice. I am not an expert. I am simply a fellow mom, stating my observation of the abundant use of distraction I use in my day, and my increasing skill in the area. .

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