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8 Essential Toys for Toddlers

8 Essential Toys for Toddlers

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I am so pleased to introduce to you Nicola of Learning Toy Guide. She has written for us a fun list of essential toys for toddlers – the ones you definitely want stocked in your playroom! These are great ideas for first and second birthdays, as that’s when toddlers tend to get much of their starter toys…


Toddlers learn so much through play - these must have toys for toddlers are perfect for first birthday gifts or to jumpstart a healthy playful toy closet.


Playtime is serious business for your toddler. Whilst your toddler is having fun playing a game or interacting with a toy they are also developing important skills. Whilst they sit and play with building blocks they are strengthening their fine motor skills and escaping into a world of make-believe with a toy telephone is an excellent prompt to get their creative juices flowing.


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Toys are an essential part of your toddlers day, but how do you decide which toys to buy when you are overwhelmed with so much choice? Over at Learning Toy Guide, we do the research for you. Sorting through the many products available, leaving you with just a few of the best toys to choose between. All you need to do is read through our handy toy guides and choose the best ones for your toddler.


We are delighted to have been invited over to Moms and Crafters to share our Essential List of Toys for Toddlers.


8 Essential Toys for Toddlers


Wooden Building Blocks

A staple toy for any toddler’s toy box. Hours of play is guaranteed as your toddler escapes into a world of imaginative play building up towers and then knocking them down again.


Stacking Toys

Stacking up cups or rings provides an excellent introduction to learning about different sizes and sorting them from biggest to smallest for your toddler, whilst working on hand-eye coordination.


Dressing Up Clothes

Stowing away a few of your families old clothes and accessories into a box or purchasing a few simple dressing up outfits makes for a great rainy day activity to not only entertain, but also build imaginations and important social skills.


Threading Toy

Threading cotton reels or beads onto a chunky piece of thread is great for determined toddlers to build hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.


Shape Sorter

Having fun dropping shapes into the bucket and then through the shape sorting lid is the perfect activity for a naturally inquisitive toddler. Excellent for working on good hand-eye coordination and early identification of shapes.


Musical Instruments

Singing along to the beat of a drum or bashing out a tune on a mini keyboard is the perfect introduction to music and rhythm and a great way to work out those toddler frustrations.


Peg Puzzles

Inviting your toddler to take out the individual pieces and the match them back up again provides them with a fun challenge that not only gets them thinking, but also works on strengthening their pincer grip ready for picking up a pencil.

Pop Up Toy

Pushing, turning, sliding and pressing the buttons on a poplar pop up toy is sure to make your toddler gasp and giggle with delight as they play and give their fine motor skills as excellent work out at the same time.


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For more information about what toys to buy for your toddler, ideas for different ways to play with them and learn more about the benefits of playing with toys, pop over and see us at Learning Toy Guide.


What are your must-have toys for toddlers? Comment below!


Toddlers learn so much through play - these must have toys for toddlers are perfect for first birthday gifts or to jumpstart a healthy playful toy closet.



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