Why I love the frozen Obsession

Why I love the Frozen Obsession

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I love the current Frozen obsession. And yes, I’m talking about the movie. I thought I’d share why.

Why I love the frozen Obsession

Just to catch you up, in case your eyes have been closed, the world is obsessed with the not-so-new-anymore move “Frozen”. It’s been beating sales records in tickets, DVD’s, and themed toys.

Why the obsession? I don’t know! Maybe it’s the blue and purple glitter that pulls in little girls. I personally think that the goofy snowman Olaf might have been involved. It doesn’t really matter why. The fact is, the way to break the internet is not via Kim Kardashian’s methods. It’s by posting anything Frozen.

At first the Frozen obsession drove me nuts. While I enjoyed the theme of the movie, the obsession turned everything into glitter and ice. I’m talking real sensory overload. Plus, there was too much “princess” for my taste.

So why do I love the Frozen obsession more than I love the movie?

The thing is, all Disney movies seem to have a similar theme. There is a girl in distress. She is saved by true love. That is, of course, in the form of a dashing young man.

That is a terrible message to teach our children.

I don’t know about you. But I want to teach my child independence. I want my child’s generation to know how to heal their own problems.

I have a son, not a daughter. I don’t want him to get the message that he is every girl’s savior. I want him to learn to respect a woman, and that a relationship is give AND take – not either or. I do not want him to think of himself as the “prince charming” that comes and redeems the damsel in distress.

The presence of so many fairy tales with this common theme was beginning to make me very worried. What kind of generation will I raise my children in?

Frozen does not follow this theme. It actively breaks away, showing where true love lies.

Every fairy tale should be a tale of sibling love. 

But most aren’t. So what does the fact that the one that carries this vital message is so popular show? That there is hope! This is the message that my children will love. This is the one that truly pulls at their heartstrings.

A marital relationship is something that needs to be worked on constantly. It is not, in reality, made of fireworks flashing over a castle.

The truth is, everyone needs love. To deny that is to deny reality. 

Sibling love is reality. It transcends everything. It is built into the DNA – literally. It is a message that is overlooked. Sibling love should be ingrained in our children’s very blood.

That is the beauty of the Frozen obsession.

I love the obsession, because it shows what my child’s generation loves. They’re going after the sibling relations. They’re not looking for the redeeming prince. They have their values intact. And that encourages me.

This insightful article is a must read for every parent! As a parent, I love the Frozen obsession. It is intact with my parenting values. I don't love the Frozen movie but you can read here why I love the Frozen obsession.


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  1. Good thinking. I remember when my teens were little I wished there was a website that rated movies for things I actually cared about. Funny enough, it was my brother and I that talked about creating one (in the late 90s…when no one would have been looking for one anyway). 🙂

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