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I’m excited to share with you how to make a DIY mom necklace from black acrylic using the xTool F1 laser engraver. xTool sent me a machine to facilitate this post. This post contains affiliate links. When you’re done, make sure you check out my DIY wood and acrylic laser earrings too!

One of my favorite things about the xTool F1 (which you can read about in my xTool F1 review) is its ability to be used onsite at craft fairs for customization.

I wanted to share a project that really shows how you can use it (besides for personalizing metal blanks, which it also does fabulously).

So I designed a few mom necklaces for you to personalize for YOUR customers. I put my kids’ birth month and years on them (I don’t share their full names or actual birthdays here for privacy reasons) but you can definitely personalize with names and dates of birth too!

Of course, they’re fun to use without personalization too!

I hand lettered the original Mom text and then turned them into SVGs for you. It is a bit sensitive in that you can’t make it too small, or it’ll be too fragile. My recommendation is to make it at least an inch wide.

However, the xTool F1 has incredibly precise engraving, and it can engrave even in the very narrow parts.

You can either craft these on the spot at fairs, or even cut the acrylic blanks in advance and just do the engraving onsite! You’ll need to be more careful with accuracy and placement and to frame it correctly if you choose to do this.

I have a bit of an issue when I design these things: I get stuck on adding too many details. I was debating if I should create versions for a keychain but then ditched it. Instead, I made ones without holes which can be used as a necklace – or a keychain if you prefer.

Ready to start making some DIY mom necklaces? Let’s get crafting!

How to make your DIY Mom Necklace

What you need

  • xTool F1 with the triangular prism cutting panel inserted
  • 3mm Black Cast Acrylic
  • Jumprings
  • Chain – The chain you choose contributes heavily to the style of your DIY Mom necklace, so choose wisely!
  • Clasp – I used a pretty toggle on one in the front, and a lobster jaw clasp on another
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Protective goggles – if you’re going to use a larger piece, look at it in any way when it works without the protective cover down, make sure to protect your eyes with goggles of the correct strength!
  • The free SVG files, download at the end of this post

3MM Black Acrylic Settings

  • Engrave: Power 70, Speed 500, Passes – 1
  • Score: Power 75, Speed 50, Passes 1
  • Cut: Power 100, Speed 2, Passes – 1

DIY Mom Necklace Cutting Instructions

1. Set up your design: Unzip your file and upload your favorite one to XCS. Resize your “Mom” to the desired dimensions.

2. Write in the birthdays or names and place them as you’d like. On designs with a line underneath you an put it there, on the ones without, you can place it on the wider parts of the text.

3. Set the design outline to cut and the text to engrave or score. If you are using a style with a second layer on the design, set it to engrave or score.

4. Peel the backing from both sides of the black acrylic. Place it on the cutting panel (if it’s a large piece, either use the slide extension to support it, or prop it with something else so it sits flat)

5. Remove the lens cap, frame your design and then send it to engrave and cut!

6. Your cut piece has small parts that’ll stay in place.

Just poke them out with your nail or with a toothpick – or anything pointy. Note: the one pictured is a prototype – I made the loops thicker on the final file.

Assembling your laser engraved mom necklace

1. Attach jumprings to the loops. Don’t force it – if it’s not going in smoothly it’s because your jumpring is too small, too thick, or you cut your “mom” smaller than it can handle.

(Note: if you’re selling these at fairs, test it in advance!)

2. Attach a chain to either side of the jumpring. You can also use a single jumpring in the center of the letter O if you’re using one without loops on the sides.

3. Attach a clasp to either end of your chain. Alternatively, attach the full chain to only one side, and a decorative clasp to the jumpring connecting the mom pendant on one side and the chain on the other.

Another chain variation: simply loop a chain through the O on “Mom” and string the chain right back through it.

Your DIY Mom necklace is complete! Who will you be making this for? What’s your favorite way to personalize it? Comment below!

Download your DIY Mom necklace SVG files below:

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