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Enjoy the free SVG to make these acrylic laser earrings, cut using a diode laser. When you’re done, check out my big list of DIY dangle earrings ideas. This post contains affiliate links.

One of the coolest things about stepping into laser crafting is the incredible new materials that I can play with. And as a jewelry crafter, I knew I needed to try some wood and acrylic laser cut earrings.

So instead of taking existing designs, I made a zillion doodles and then chose my favorite ones to turn into earrings.

Today, I’m sharing the first one that I tried as a free SVG for you to enjoy. The download form is at the end of this post.

I made this using my xTool F1 – a portable laser engraver that is perfect for jewelry artists because of its size, and the ability to take it on-site at fairs for custom engraving. You can check out my full xTool F1 review. xTool sent me their device free of charge so that I can share all about it with you.

Tips for making wood and acrylic laser earrings

Different ways to make these

The SVG that I designed is meant to be able to be used with all sorts of different materials. You can mix and match acrylic, leather, wood, cork, or whatever you prefer to craft with – as long as it’s cuttable with your laser!

You can also engrave the top file and cut the outline only.

I had in mind that these are usable as standalone designs as well, but I really like how they look stacked.

I chose 3mm Basswood and 3mm black acrylic for two reasons. First, the settings are easy to get right by starting with machine-recommended settings.

Second, I love the contrast of the rustic wood with the sleek modern acrylic.

Cut settings

I cut and engraved these acrylic laser earrings using the following settings.

3mm Basswood:

Design – engrave, blue light, power 35%, speed 110 mm/s, 1 pass, 100 lines per cm.

Outline – cut, blue light, power 80%, speed 7 mm/s, 2 passes.


Cut, blue light, power 100%, speed 2, 1 pass.

Make sure to remove both backings from your acrylic so that you don’t light things up, if you know what I mean!

Dressing things up

While the background is just a simple disc that matches its lop with the front, you can add all sorts of things to it. I chose a pattern from XCS’s library to engrave it with. You can write names, add images of florals – the possibilities are endless!

You can see that I even colored my engraving! I did this by painting it and wiping off the excess so that it mostly only stayed in the engraving.

There are so many possibilities with this technique that I’d like to try.

By the way, that was a happy mistake! after I made the base, I wasn’t happy with how dark the wood was. I had really been going for more contrast. So I decided to “whitewash” it. The first paint I bumped into was this perfect light silver brushed metallic, so I went with that instead.

When I painted it, I saw how much more paint sat in the grooves caused by the engraving. I realized that if I wipe off most of the paint I’ll get an even cooler effect.

I’d like to try this with brighter colors for even more contrast, and in all sorts of fun themes, even on plain wooden earring discs!

How to make acrylic laser cut earrings using the xTool F1

Ready for the step-by-step?

Materials Needed

  • Protective goggles – if you’re going to use a larger piece, look at it in any way when it works without the protective cover down, make sure to protect your eyes with goggles!


1. Upload the free SVG to XCS. Resize as desired (mine is 1.5 inches high). If you’d like, you can add additional engrave designs. Cut your acrylic and your wood parts.

2. Remove any acrylic bits that are stuck inside (poking at it with my nail worked, but you can also use a toothpick if need be).

3. If you like it as is, you can leave it like this. I wanted more contrast.

To accomplish the painted engraving look: paint over the whole thing with acrylic paint.

4. Wipe it off well with a paper towel, just don’t rub in the grooves.

5. If you want, paint the edge too.

6. Align the top layer with the bottom so that the holes match up.

3. Add a jumpring or two (depending on earring direction) and an earwire to finish it off.

Your wood and acrylic laser earrings are complete! How will you be making yours your own? Comment below!

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