Cow Party Decorations

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Enjoy these cow party decorations and cake topper from A’s second birthday party! When you’re done, you’ll want to check out these Old McDonald stick puppets that we crafted at the party too. This post contains affiliate links.

A’s three, and I still have hardly begun sharing the details of her second birthday party! We have pregnancy and the arrival of Baby Jay to thank for that, but now we’re ready.

The good news is that I did not have the mental bandwidth for a third birthday party (yes, that happens – and yes, we need to share when it does) so that one was an extremely low-key lazy “pink Minnie Mouse” theme – her choice. I literally just bought paper goods and pink-bombed the place. I tossed in a few bows, too.

But back to the cow party decorations.

At almost-two, A was obsessed with Cocomelon, and “Old McDonald” in particular, so we made that the theme of the party. I stuck to the cow-visuals for the cow party decorations because it worked with a “Moo Moo, A is Two!” theme.

And also it looks gorgeous.

I am NOT a professional party planner. I am an artist and crafter. And it came out looking pro. And yes, anyone can do this. It’s about choosing the right things.

In this post I’m going to teach you how to decorate with cow party decorations for a gorgeous, playful, and festive celebration. You don’t need to know how to make balloon arrangements – or hire them out. I’m going to teach you the easiest hack ever – even M, age ten (and my husband who is NOT a creator) can do it.

So here goes.

Cow Party Room Decorations

Let’s talk about the room decor that I loved…. And spoiler alert: it was mostly balloons.

The color scheme

To start with, the color scheme really sets the tone for a party. We went with black and white cow print – and yes, it was always together as cow print BESIDES for on the two balloon. Because of this, the two balloon really pops.

To complement it, we used pink and a grassy green (it shows a little olive when the sun shines on it, but it wasn’t that yellow-toned).

The pink is also for the cow, and the green is for grass.

The decorations

We used three tiers of cow party decorations to really fill the room.

In the foreground, you can see a cow print pennant banner.

In the center (literally hanging from the chandelier) you have a black number two balloon (which was used in a photoshoot before I hung it). You also have two cow print mylar balloons filled with regular air and hanging from the chandelier.

In the background, we hung a balloon chain, made from pink, green, and cow print balloons, on either side of the window. The light shining through brightens the colors a bit – the pink balloons were a dusty pink, and the green were a muted olive green.

Over the window, we hung another cow print pennant banner. Note that only the background decorations include the pink and green, and it still looked so good.

Making the balloon chain is extremely simple: just use a plastic balloon chain strip that is easy to buy on Amazon! I also recommend a balloon hand pump to save your breath.

We reuse these for multiple parties, making them economical.

I bought all my decorations, but you can probably easily DIY the pennant banner using a Cricut or even by hand, if you’re brave. Or, find cow print to print out, or cow print scrapbook paper, and just cut out the triangular shape.

If you’re DIYing, you can even intersperse the cow print with your other colors, but I did kind of like it only on the balloons.

Cow Themed Tablescape

The tablescape also featured pink and green that helped break up the cow print a bit. I started with a cow print tablecloth, and layered on green plates and pink cups and napkins.

I also had cow print napkins, but I placed them on top of the pink to break things up.

Cutlery was pink as well.

A pink trifle bowl was filled with craft supplies (stay tuned for my activities post!) but can also be used as a chip bowl or candy dish.

And finally, I purchased a bouquet of pink roses, which, with their green leaves, looked fabulous in a simple vase on the center of the table. Sometimes the best centerpieces are the ones you’d use any day!

Cow Birthday Party Cake Topper

The cake topper is being included as part of my decor for two reasons:

1. You can totally make it as a centerpiece too.

2. It is decorative as a cake topper too.

I just LOVE how it came out – with a cow print background and a pink “happy birthday”!

I made it using my Cricut Maker 3 and yes, of course, you can access the project to make it yourself right here.

I used a hot glue gun to assemble it (see my recommended hot glue guns for crafting here) and two skewers at a slight angle to stick it into a cake.

For the cake, we chose a simple bakery babka, because, yum, and let’s be honest, two year old birthday parties are more for the adults than the kids, right? Okay, this one was somewhere in the middle, but still, we love babka and it was a hit, and a beautiful “naked” cake.

Got any cow party decorations to add to the mix? Comment below!

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  1. Hi. This party looks fantastic. You really are a great mom. I hope your little one loved it too. You really rock! All moms are special, but some go to the extreme, and those are totally AWESOME! I see you. Just me.

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