DIY Flower Shadow Box Wall Art

This flower box wall art came about as a total accident. I had a spice/curio cabinet that was sitting around. I had some brightly colored flowers left over from when I used to decorate tables at craft fairs.  Previously I had used the flowers in a vase, with some white pebbles. I liked the idea of continuing to use the flowers at shows and fairs, but scattering them around loose. I also thought I could use the cabinet to display more valuable pieces. However, I had nowhere to store either. That’s how my flower box wall art DIY was born…

Flower Box Wall Art

Flower Box Wall Art – You Need:

Spice Cabinet (if you’re trying to go frugal, look for one at a flea market or yard sale. If not, you can buy one here.)

Fake Flowers, to match your decor

Wire Cutters

Flower Box Wall Art – Instructions:

Using wire cutters, cut off your stems leaving about an inch below the flowers, so they can sit properly.

Flower Box Wall Art

Arrange the flowers on the shelves of the cabinet… and replace the cover. It’s that simple! You now have your completed flower box wall art!

Flower Box Wall Art

You can hang this on the wall using the hardware most of these cabinets will come with. Since I rent, and I prefer not to put too many holes in our walls, I placed mine against the backs plash of my kitchen counter. This flower box wall art is also great for mantels, sideboards, and any other surface that can use a splash of color! Choose colors and styles that fit the theme you want, that match your decor, and that create a mood appropriate for that setting. The best part is, that the largest investment in this project – the curio cabinet – stays intact. You can switch it up whenever you want, and give it a new job without too much work. Enjoy your flower box wall art and happy decorating!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I love how easy that is to make. It came out really cute.

  2. It’s so simple, yet so lovely! The flowers look really beautiful and I love how the box frames them!

  3. Very creative. I love how easy it is to make. I can see using other things for boxes too.

  4. SO cute!! I love it! What a great way to brighten up any room!

  5. Teresa McCluskey

    I think this is a beauty! I love flowers and with a wall art idea it would be awesome!

  6. So simple, yet so pretty! I love the colors and simplicity of this!

  7. I like the rainbow of colors. I’m a holiday decorating junky and could totally spin this idea into the different holidays.

  8. That is such a nice idea.. I like this idea for our entryway.

  9. What a simple yet beautiful piece of decor. I love this!

  10. Cute and Easy everything I look for in a craft!

  11. That is so adorable and so easy to DIY. Thanks for sharing this idea. 🙂

  12. What a cute and easy craft to do. There are so many things you can do with a repurposed wooden spice rack. I had one and have no clue where it is…

  13. That is a really cute idea. I love to craft but I am not very creative so I love to find cute projects online. Thanks for sharing.

  14. these are gorgeous! I am sure copying this boxes for our French balcony make-over

    • This is so easy even I could do it! We’re in the process of house hunting so I’m trying to gather as many decorating tips as possible. I’m so doing this!!!~LaTonia

  15. That is beautiful! I’d love to do those around the kitchen!

  16. What a neat idea! That would certainly add a splash of color to a room!

  17. This is so creative and beautiful. What a beautiful way to decorate a home!

  18. Brilliant – So simple, yet effective. I’ve got tons of silk flowers. LOL, I tend to be head them as soon as they come through the door (to use on all kinds of projects), but I’m going to leave the next batch in tack to give this a whirl!

  19. This is so neat! Flowers always brighten up any space!

  20. This is really cute! I love all your ideas and DIY stuff

  21. Many things have been born by accident. Including my son, LOL! I really like this idea! Thank you.

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