16+ Incredible Fidget DIY Ideas

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Looking for some super fun Fidget DIY ideas? You’re in the right place with this sweet little list of some of my favorites! This post contains affiliate links.

If you have a child in your home, then chances are you are constantly trying to find ways to cope with fidgeting. Even if your child doesn’t have ADHD, kids like to do things with their hands. 

There are a ton of great fidget toys and accessories out there that are amazing to purchase! You can get big assortments to spread out over time and use as prizes. However, you can also make your own, giving your family new unique fidget tools, and getting creative. These fidget DIY ideas are fabulous and so easy to make yourself! They are creative solutions to solve your child’s fidget problems or help you with your fidgeting.

Of course, there’s always doodling and friendship bracelet making (which was my “fidget” as a kid) but if that’s not relevant for you, give these a go instead!

Here are the best fidget DIY ideas you can make yourself.

Fidget DIY Toys & Accessories

These fidget DIY tutorials include such unique ideas that are inspired by different fidget toys you might find! They include a fun accessory too… 

My favorite fidgets are those that have multiple ways to use them and fidget with them as some of these do.

DIY Fidget Toy by Steamsational

Dig into your recycling bin to make this fun soda tab fidget! Double check that there are no sharp edges first and then have fun crafting a basically free fidget DIY.

Easy Fidget Spinner DIY by Red Ted Art

Fidget spinners might not be a trend now, but they’re still so much fun, and a fabulous tool for kids who need to do something with those hands! Why not DIY them using… paper?! I figure these are probably quieter than their plastic counterparts. You can try this origami version too!

How to Make a Zipper Bracelet by Moms and Crafters

I crafted these zipper bracelets as a travel toy for my kids. With a whole stack handy, they can connect them and link them. However, they make great fidgets too! I got a colorful pack of zippers and paracord buckles, and made them each a few. They zip and unzip them and have fun buckling them.

DIY Pencil Topper Fidget Toy by The OT Toolbox

A simple pencil-top fidget is exactly where your kid needs it to aid with concentration! And it looks cute too.

How to Make a DIY Fidget Spinner with LEGOs by Creative Green Living

LEGO always wins by me! And did you know you can make a fidget spinner with them? While you might not want to use this one in the classroom, you can use it as a homework helper.

DIY Fidget Spinner by All for the Boys

Craft a metal fidget spinner from scratch! This tutorial is so cool, and a fabulous workshop project for tweens. They love creating functional end products and this one is a win.

Fidget DIY Cubes

Infinity fidget cubes make a fabulous STEM project. The small cube shape fits easily in a pocket and you can customize the shapes as you need.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy DIY by Moms and Crafters

One of our favorite DIY fidgets, an infinity cube made from wooden cubes is so much fun! It’s one of those long-living crafts that we made years ago and still use! The ideal size that we tested is ¾ inch wooden cubes but you can make them larger or smaller. Use mini “ducklings” tape rolls in different prints to add style!

DIY LEGO Infinity Fidget Cube by Lemon Lime Adventures

Pull out that LEGO stash and craft an infinity cube with that! Isn’t  this a brilliant idea? It doesn’t use too many bricks and your kid can actually make a functional project!

DIY LEGO Fidget Cube by Frugal Fun 4 Boys

I was always wondering if there’s a good tutorial out there for the clicky-type fidgets but couldn’t find them. Well, here you go: use LEGO! You can definitely get creative with this one!

Stress & Fidget DIY Balls 

While fidget spinners and cubes might be more of a new concept, we grew up on squishy balls! We didn’t think of them as fidgets, but that’s exactly what they were. These fidget DIY ideas mimic the stress balls of our own childhoods!

How To Make Squishies by The Chaos and the Clutter

Whether you choose to make them as Emojis or something else, these DIY squishies make fabulous crafts! Kids can get super creative. It’s a fun sleepover or birthday party activity, with a functional take-home prize.

DIY Stress Balls with Netting by Living Life as Moms

Those stress balls with the netting are so much fun to squish! Kids (and maybe adults too) love to see the stuff squish between the holes in the netting. Make your own using this simple tutorial!

Sensory Balls by Teaching Ideas

As kids, we made our own squishy balls using balloons! Craft these the old fashioned way for a fun little project! The tutorial includes loads of ideas for what you can put inside.

How to Make Water Bead Stress Ball by Mom Brite

One of the most satisfying fillings for stress balls is water beads (Orbeez or similar). Learn how to make your own water bead stress balls! Important: un-made water beads are an extreme danger if swallowed so be very very careful to keep them out of reach of kids!

More Fidget DIY Ideas

These fidget DIY ideas don’t quite fit anywhere but I had to include them here! Enjoy!

Fidget Spinner Case DIY by Moms and Crafters

Make this DIY fidget spinner case to protect your fidget toy and keep it a bit farther out of reach of babies! It's an easy beginner felt sewing project that an adult or a child can make, plus it has a built in zipper fidget too! Free template / pattern included.

Got a fidget spinner to carry around? This easy one is hand-sewn from felt and embroidery floss. And the zipper handle serves as its own fidget!

Thinking Putty by Natural Beach Living

Unlike slime, thinking putty does not quite stick to everything (though you’ll still want it handled responsibly). It has resistance and helps work those little fingers. Make your own using this fabulous recipe.

DIY Marble Maze by Apple Green Cottage

I love the idea of making DIY fidgets because sometimes it inspires things that you just won’t find elsewhere. This DIY marble maze is so cool! It’s completely tactile and your kids will love doing it again and again.

DIY Fidget Toolkit by Growing Hands on Kids

While not exactly a completely from-scratch fidget, this DIY toolkit shows you how to create a repertoire you can dig into as needed. You can fill it with the above fidget DIY ideas too!

Got any fidget DIY inspiration to add to the list? Comment below!

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