Ice Cream Necklace Craft for Kids

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Make your own pom pom ice cream necklace craft – a fun summer accessory that’s a little out of the box! You can find all my jewelry crafts here, or scroll down for this tutorial. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Craft an ice cream necklace using some burlap and a pom pom! This fun summer craft for kids and tweens is adorable and an easy jewelry making idea for kids.


Make the most of the grid pattern in burlap ribbon and turn it into cone. Colorful pom poms sit inside and turn it into fun ice cream necklaces – perfect for an ice cream party!

And the best part? They don’t melt!



This craft was made using hot glue, however if you have children making it you can swap that out for tacky glue. You’ll just need to use clothespins or clips to hold it in place until it sets.


You can also turn these ice cream cones into playful keychains using split rings!



This ice cream necklace has a pom pom that’s homemade. Of course, you can purchase pom poms to make this, but it’s much more fun to make your own. Use a pom pom maker to get more control over the size.


Loved this and want to learn how to make jewelry out of anything? Get the book!




What you need to make an ice cream necklace craft:



How to make easy ice cream necklaces:


1. Cut a two inch length of burlap ribbon.  



2. Using needle nose pliers roll the bottom wired edge into a tight coil.  


3. Continue to roll the wired ribbon forming the wider top of the cone with your fingers.


4. Trim ribbon to size with scissors and then secure cut edge of ribbon to the cone with hot glue, working carefully so you don’t get burned.



5. Press the blade of your scissors along the cut edge of the cone to set in place until the hot glue has cooled.



6. Insert the jewelry eye pin into the center of the pom pom.  Trim the bottom of the pin with wire cutters. Secure the cut end of the pin with a small amount of hot glue.



7. Using two sets of pliers, open the jump rings by twisting at the opening in a front (right hand) and back (left hand) motion.  Thread the eye pin loop on to the jump ring and close using the opposite motion.


8. For some of the cones, stack two pom poms on top of each other and secure with hot glue.  Glue pom poms inside the cone.  



9. Cut 36” lengths of twine with scissors and then thread twine through the jump ring.  Knot the necklace, so that it can easily be placed over the head of the wearer. Trim ends of twine with scissors.

ice cream necklace with jar


I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your own pom pom necklace craft! What’s your favorite summer craft and party activity? Comment below!


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