flower arranging kids activity

Flower Arranging Kids Activity

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Every once in a when I compliment someone on a project or idea, she’ll tell me “why don’t you blog about it?” That’s what happened with this fun flower arranging kids’ activity.

flower arranging kids activity


When I went to visit my parents at the end of the summer, my younger brothers (ages eleven and six) were very purposefully occupied for a change. They had taken the foam block from a long-gone bouquet, and were recycling it.

This project is a doubly entertaining one, as it includes a nature walk to collect the flowers a.k.a. weeds for the arrangement. It poses the challenge of logistics for young minds, as they figure out how to best arrange it so that it’s spaced evenly, and the taller ones don’t overshadow the shorter ones. It’s also a great project to do as a team.

My eleven year old brother helped the six year old, so it made for a great activity for both. You can reuse a floral block as my siblings did, or you can use a new one, and reuse that one when the current one dies. This is definitely something the children will want to do again!

flower arranging kids craft

This unique take on weed “flower” bouquets is perfect for this time of year. The children can incorporate stems with colored leaves on them in addition to the wildflowers, weeds and long grasses that my brothers used. It’s a great way to get children to go outdoors when it’s a bit too chilly to run around, but the weather is still mild enough for outdoors time.

You need: 

  • A floral foam brick
  • A bowl to put it into
  • A bag for collecting “flowers”

How to do it:

  • Go for a nature walk in an area where you may pick anything. Encourage the children to gather a variety of textures, colors (if available), and sizes.
  • Place the foam block in the center of the dish. Tape the it into place in the dish by wrapping a large length of tape over the block and down to the underside of the bowl. Repeat with another piece going perpendicular to the first.
  • Start putting the plants into it. Begin with the larger ones, focusing on the center. Continue with the smaller ones. Focus on getting a good scattered variety.

flower arranging kids activity


  • This craft is great for allowing children to have freedom of expression! Ask them if there is anything else that they would like to add. My brother added a few ribbons. Don’t worry that the arrangement isn’t perfect or professional.
  • Display it with pride!

flower arranging kids activity


The cool thing about this flower arranging kids activity is that it can be done by children as young as six years old with very little help. It’s truly a creative activity, with very little adult guidance needed. And if it comes out as beautiful as my brother’s, you might even want to keep it in the center of that table!

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  1. Thanks, Menucha. It’s fun to see my ideas on your blog.
    One more suggestion to avoid frustrating the young artists with this activity: Tape the floral block into place in the dish. The best way would be to wrap a large length of tape over the block and down to the underside of the bowl. Repeat with another piece going perpendicular to the first.
    Your block will now be somewhat stable and all their creative work is less likely to get messed up when the flower load is unbalanced or when a well-meaning sibling bumps into it.

    1. Hi, Menucha’s mom. Thanks for your inspiration – I get it all from you, really 🙂 I’ll definitely add that to the step-by-step right now!

    1. Really? where do you live? WE had such amazing weather yesterday! I wish I had more time to spend outside…

      1. We live in north central Wisconsin. We have so much snow falling that school has been cancelled today for my kids. It’s crazy! We don’t usually have snow like this til January. I hope it’s not a sign of what the rest if the winter will be like. Last year was horrible! Record snowfalls and the coldest temperatures. I need to move south, lol!

  2. I love the idea of making a garden for children. That is a very smart idea! I am going to try it with my grandson when he gets a little older. Thank you.

  3. This sounds like a very fun activity. I never thought of doing this with my grandkids. We will give it a try

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