Gift Ideas for a Housewarming Party

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for a housewarming party, these new homeowner gifts are spot on! When you’re done, you’ll also want to check out our favorite list of gift ideas for recent moms. This post contains affiliate links and gifted product.

Attending a housewarming party?

I’m here to help you choose the perfect gift idea for a housewarming party! As someone who has purchased new homes twice in the last eight years, and moved just a few short years ago, I am happy to help you choose something that’ll hit all the right notes.

Cooking and Hosting Gift Ideas for a Housewarming Party

Since we moved into our new house, I’ve been hosting a LOT and know that’s a pivot that often comes with an upgrade in living conditions.

So if someone you care about is hosting a housewarming party, contribute to that hosting spirit with some fun gifts!

And if you have someone in your life who is establishing their first home, even if it’s a small apartment, these are fabulous for getting them into the housekeeping mood too!

Forest Decor Live Edge Olive Wood Bread Bowl

Decor that is timeless, functional, and gorgeous is always a win. Throw in handmade and unique and you really scored!

Forest Decor is a family owned business that handcrafts gorgeous wood pieces. I love their olive wood bread bowl for those who love to entertain, as it’s a fabulous piece to lay out sliced bread in a homestyle but elegant way – kind of like they do at restaurants. And I love the idea of patronizing family businesses when purchasing gifts for a housewarming party – it’s so suitable!

The bread bowl is handcrafted from actual olive wood, so each piece will look different. I recommend filling it up with something nice to gift it. I staged it with apples, but you can go more exotic, fill with grapes, or a nice artisan baguette and cheeses.

Both the recipient and you will be charmed by the beautiful detail that only nature can craft (and man can bring out) in the bowl.

GoodCook Healthy Ceramic Titanium-Infused Cookware Set 

A good set of pots makes life in the kitchen a breeze! But nonstick coatings can be meh.

GoodCook’s titanium-infused ceramic cookware is so much healthier, and guess what? It doesn’t stick. So you can still reduce the grease-factor without a sticky mess.

This set is perfect for a single or couple who’s moving out and setting up home for the first time.

It includes two wooden utensils as well – a spoon and a turner, and a steamer basket that fits into a 2 qt saucepan for more healthy cooking.

This perfectly-giftable set comes in a dusty light blue color with wooden accents so that even when it’s out it looks gorgeous!

The set comes with 7″ and 9.5″ fry pans, 1.25-quart and 2-quart sauce pans with lids, a bamboo steamer, an egg pan, spoon, and slotted turner. Everything besides for the egg pan is induction-capable.

Full Circle ‘Simply The Zest ‘ Zester with Food Catcher

I love some life-enhancing kitchen tools, and it’s so practical… but as a gift? I dunno…

The trick is: get cool and innovative tools, with aesthetic appeal and bundle a few!

For this gift idea for a housewarming party, we took Full Circle’s innovative tools that are eco-friendly and ethically created. They use kraft paper and resin to create the core of their handles, as well as other high-quality materials for an upscale feel.

To gift it, we combined our favorite tool – the Simply the Zest zester with food catcher with two other practical options: The Ring bamboo fruit and vegetable brush and Smooth Operator, Smooth-Edge Stainless Steel Can Opener.

The zester’s cover doubles as a food catcher, making zesting so much easier – and it works incredibly well. The can opener creates a smooth edge, has an ergonomic silicone knob, and a built-in bottle opener.

HotMat Connect

If you host frequently, the HotMat foldable warming plates are the perfect way to keep food hot for prolonged periods of time, without drying or overcooking it.

I placed a soup on it for a party, and it did not boil at all, but was piping hot.

The Connect model allows you to connect multiple models for an expandable solution.

Unlike other warming trays, the HotMat Connect folds small and is super easy to store, take out, set up, and put away.

It comes in fun colors – including black if color isn’t your vibe. It’s the perfect gift idea for a housewarming party for someone who loves to host often!

Home Gadgets that make life easier

If you spend enough time on TikTok, you’ll know that life is full of super cool gadgets! We’re beyond my parents’ days where every vacuum cleaner was a big deal – today, we go far beyond that.

I personally find that I invest in better cleaning gadgets because it’s just that: an investment. Much of it reduces my need for more household help (especially since my kids love using them!) So if you’re in the mindset of gifting household help, the cleaning gadgets fit that bill in a super gifty way!

And others are just perfect for the homeowner who has everything and will love a good, practical gadget!

Zafferano Olivia Lamp

One of my favorites in this post, the Zafferano Olivia lamp from Sabavi Home is the type of thing that anyone can use. The slim design LED light fits anywhere and the minimalist profile suits any decor – as you can see from my photos! I’ve placed it in my modern kitchen and my traditional living room and it fits right into both.

But the best part? It’s totally modular! Have it sit at “home” on the base where you can best plug it in, and move it where you need it as you need it. Use it in your bathroom on the regular, then let the guest room “borrow” it when needed. Bring it to the craft room when you need a little better light, but store it on your nightstand for bedtime reading…

The high end finish is gorgeous and yes, it comes in other neutral finishes as well. The style neutrality makes it a super giftable decor item.

Kenmore AquaLite™ 3-in-1 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

For busy parents, the mess never ends, and having a tool that can be grabbed for five-minute cleanups makes a huge difference. And for me cordless is an absolute requirement – I’m not shlepping around heavy cords anymore.

The Kenmore AquaLite hard floor cleaner is the gift of a clean house. Not only does my tween want to use it, but it’s just so easy and lightweight. It washes the floor while vacuuming and keeps things dust-free. Its self-cleans in the base and then dries, making it almost maintenance free.

I find that it glides smoothly around my baby’s high chair, and it does a perfect clean. It’s my ideal solution for wood floors that can’t handle a real mop, but it’s great on tile too. If you know someone who just entered the world of wood floors this is a MUST – especially if they have kids! For me, it’s the gift of lots of housekeeping help.

Casabella Power Spin Scrubber

Since we redid our bathroom all beautifully with modern fixtures and tile (including yes, some gorgeous but impractical penny tile), it’s been hard to maintain. Turns out we were simply missing the right tools.

Casabella Power Spin Scrubber let’s me reach all areas of bathroom, up to the high ceilings in my 90+ year old house! It lets me actually scrub the rain head, and the upper tiles, and in one use, we removed so much built up grime that I’m embarrassed to show you.

Multiple head options reach into corners and crevices, or cover larger surface area.

It takes a lot of the grunt work out of cleaning, once again, making it the perfect “household help” gift. And it’s surprisingly affordable. It extends up to 47.5 inches and has up to 100 minutes of run time on each 3-5 hour charge. And you can use it throughout the house – including on glass, grout, laminate, and more.

Teslong Two-Way Articulating Borescope

While not quite a cleaning tool, here is another money-saving gadget that’s perfect for the new homeowner that has everything. the Teslong Two-Way Articulating Borescope features a camera that you can send into your pipes, walls, or wherever you need to see a little further.

It features a camera at the end of a 5-foot semi-rigid gooseneck cable that can move around at the tip using a handy lever on the front. An LED at the end allows you to see all sorts of things, just like the LEGO minifigures we found hiding in our radiator…

You can insert it into a hole in the wall to diagnose issues or evaluate things before deciding on renovations. Take photo or video using the button on the back and view what’s going on on the large 4.5 inch screen.

This can save loads of moolah – even from avoiding just one diagnostic visit from a technician, repairman, electrician… It can save on massive wall repairs by pinpointing where the issue is through a smaller hole (or an existing opening.)

It’s the perfect gift for a new homeowner who’s just that wee bit handy and prefers to avoid unnecessary home costs.

Airthings View Plus

For the homeowner who really has everything Airthings creates air quality monitors that can really help improve quality of life. Airthings View Plus is a smart comprehensive air quality monitor that keeps track of seven air quality components.

The device itself fits in smoothly with any home, and features a classy eInk display that looks in place in our rustic-traditional living room. It measures humidity, temperature, radon, CO2, PM 2.5 and more. A new home is a new environment, and Airthings View Plus can help a new homeowner understand it better.

Air quality factors can also affect things like fatigue, mood, and energy levels. Knowing where our problem areas are helps us take steps to improve it, helping us turn that house into a home.

I decided to give it an informal test and breathed REALLY hard on it. The display glowed a soft red and showed high CO2 levels. Airthings View Plus connects easily to the Airthings app which gives you all the data at your fingertips. It shows stats for the time frame we choose. It’s grouped by which factors impact different things, so that I can have an answer to things like extra sneezes, wheezing, or migraines.

Gift Ideas for a Housewarming Party To Relax and Connect

A new home means new opportunities to unwind, connect and… feel at home.

These gifts are slightly less obvious gift ideas for a housewarming party, but totally appropriate and cool to gift!

They’re open-ended gifts that can suit lots of types of recipients, are unique, but easy to love.

Dink Buddy 6-Foot Portable Pickleball Net

Got Pickleball fans in the house? Even if you don’t yet, you can definitely create some. The perfect backyard game, it has a cult following for a reason.

Dink Buddy’s 6-foot portable net is perfect for the new homeowner who may not know yet exactly what they want to do with their yard, but already wants some fun.

When we moved to our current home, it was our first time having space to really run around and play, and my kids thrived on it. Dink Buddy is the perfect gift for families, couples – or even those who like to host active outdoor get-togethers.

It stores really small and is easy to set up in minutes. It’s a low-commitment but super fun outdoor recreational solution.

Our new pickleball set hadn’t arrived yet so we tested it by playing volleyball with a beach ball and according to my boys, it lived up to the hype.

Daily Rituals Shower Steamers

Moving took the biggest toll on me – physical, mental, emotional. Packing was hard, unpacking was in a way harder, and yes, I was sore and tired. That means that my end-of-day shower was heaven sent each time.

But of course, our new master (which we are so thankful for , after a single bathroom at the other end of the apartment) fearured a shower only – no bath. An amazing shower, no less, but there was no room for real aromatherapy or bath bombs. Plus, I’m really more of a shower person anyway.

Daily Rituals creates shower steamers that turn those post-moving showers into a spa-like experience.

When the shower steam hits these tablets, it diffuses the scents and adds essential oil aromatherapy to every shower. The starter gift set comes with four tablets and a bamboo plate. The refill packs have six steamers.

Daily Rituals Shower Steamers are the perfect gift idea for a housewarming party where you know the people in charge need that break.

What is your favorite gift idea for a housewarming party? Got any go-tos that you usually gift? Comment below!

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