Kids Drawing Activity: Under In On

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This super fun kids’ drawing activity teaches under, in, and on. It’s a super fun collaborative art prompt just like this seasons activity for preschoolers! This post contains affiliate links.

collaborative kids drawing activity hero mockup with text

Some kids can be handed a marker and papers and go wild. Some kids just need a little more help.

That’s why I love sharing thought starters to get kids who are past the scribble stage making art.

While it might seem counterintuitive to provide too much for simple illustrations, it can really enhance creativity as long as it’s open-ended. These free printables are designed to be just that. As a bonus, they’ll practice turn-taking and collaborative planning.

Kids can take turns illustrating what they’d like in this easy kids’ drawing activity! They can begin to learn position words with a collaborative art project. It’s also fabulous for teaching about different environments, what lives where, and what can be found where.

Pages included in this kids drawing activity

This free printable includes the following pages

  • Under the sea
  • Up in space
  • Underground
  • Up in the sky
  • In the mountains
  • On the moon

How to do this kids drawing activity

The idea is for kids to take turns with a sibling or a classmate. One child illustrates something that fits in the scene. The next continues.

If you’d like, decide in advance if you want it to be realistic or if a little fantasy or silliness is okay. Or, just let the kids do what they’d like and see how their personalities emerge based on what they choose to do!

You can also try spinoffs. Each child draws only a single stroke or line of the drawing and they can see what they come up with! But it has to fit the theme too…

I highly recommend Crayola Supertips for drawing activities for young kids like this one. You get a fabulous selection of colors in an affordable package and the size is a perfect in-between.

However, preschool kids might do better with standard Crayola markers. For 2-4 year olds these Stabilo triangular ones are fabulous too. the point goes into the marker so that they can’t smash it, and they survive for surprisingly long uncapped.

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More tips for this free printable kids drawing activity

This kids drawing activity can be done individually or all at once. You can make these a classroom display (in half the space, since kids pair up for it). You can use them as you learn about these different settings.

While you can totally use this simply as a coloring page, I prefer to upgrade it – and make it reusable. To do this, print it in beautiful, full color. Laminate it using an inexpensive laminating machine. You now have a super cool dry erase activity!

Not only can it be reused again and again, in a classroom or at home, but even within a session, kids can do it endlessly. Plus, they’ll love getting their hands on those whiteboard supplies. Make sure to get washable dry erase markers as standard ones don’t necessarily come out easily in the wash.

And finally, if you’re doing this at home, you can keep these as a reusable activity within an art binder. You’ll find that it produces so much less waste – and it’s more exciting for the kids! Get smooth glossy sheet protectors to make them dry erase. The sheet protectors I linked have a top seal so kids can’t take it out! If yours don’t, simply tape it shut.

This kids drawing activity makes a fabulous project for sibling collaboration! I love stocking activities like this by my kids’ art desk.

What’s YOUR favorite kids’ drawing activity? Comment below!

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