Free Printable Holiday Gift Wrap

Printable Holiday Gift Wrap

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With the holidays coming real fast, I decided to give my readers a little gift. I’m sure you’re all looking for ways to save, and so I’ve created some printable holiday gift wrap you can download and print for free.

Free Printable Holiday Gift Wrap

Since I celebrate Chanukah (Hannukah) I made three designs special for that. I also made three Christmas prints for those of you who celebrate that. I hope you enjoy, and I hope this helps you save on another small holiday expense, as all the pennies add up!

These are tabloid size – 11×17 inch – prints (you can print them that size or smaller). Print them on regular paper, or try it on Kraft paper for a cool effect.

Click on each of the images below to link to that print. You’ll get a nice size sheet that’s good for wrapping small-medium size gifts. Print on regular letter size paper for wrapping smaller gifts. If you can’t print large and you have something bigger to wrap, you can connect a few sheets. To make it look nice, overlap it so that the design continues seamlessly.

Printable Holiday Gift Wrap for Hannukah

hanukkah gift wrap 3 hanukkah gift wrap 2

Printable Holiday Gift Wrap for Christmas

christmas gift wrap 3christmas gift wrap 1


You can also use these as scrapbook papers for card making, photo frames, or for decoupage projects. Try decoupaging a paper towel roll with them and creating a party centerpiece with that! Enjoy!

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