LEGO Bookmarks

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Craft your own LEGO bookmarks using any Cricut device. This adorable craft is perfect for LEGO themed birthday parties. This post contains affiliate links.

When it comes to birthday parties, I’m always looking for fun little ways to make things extra special. I’m not gonna lie: when I got my Cricut, things got seriously cooler.

Now, you don’t actually need a Cricut to do a lot of things – even with these LEGO bookmarks, you can technically gain inspiration from the design and make it by hand.

However, having a Cricut makes things look prettier and come out cooler – and of course, it makes batch producing easier.

Tips for making your own LEGO Bookmarks

Which material is best to use

I used craft foam to make these. I thought it’s a good resilient material to use. However, it is a bit too flexible for my liking. It doesn’t have quite the grip I was going for.

Now, it could be it’s a brand thing – I used a popular kids’ craft brand. Something stiffer and maybe higher quality can work well.

But here are a few other options:

  • Felt – I think this is a winner for longer lasting durability. Opt for a thick, stiff felt.
  • Cardstock – while a bit flimsier, and less long-lasting, it’s a great option for a quick project or favor. And it’s cheap!
  • Laminated cardstock – you can use a thermal laminator or cold laminating pouches to finish off the cardstock and make it more durable. Even clear contact paper can work!
  • Corrugated cardboard – whether you’re working with recycled boxes or sheets you buy online, this one is an eco-friendly winner. Purchase colored sheets, have kids paint them, or stack them with colored cardstock as a reinforcer. Tip: when painting anything in a party settings, I love using tempera paint sticks (such as those made by OOLY and Kwik Stix) as they are neat and dry almost immediately but lay on the color nice and solid.
  • Flat cardboard – like pasta box-style – is another great option, ether layered up with colored paper or painted.

LEGO bookmark making as a party activity

These make a great party activity or favor – or gift for any occasion!

I prepped this in advance as an activity as part of a larger craft table with different activities. I’ll be sharing more of what we did in a separate post.

However, I will admit: I don’t think it had incredible value as an activity. The activities that do best are more like art prompts with room for creativity (such as these monster magnets or even these color & craft farm animal stick puppets). This was too specific – and not enough for the kids to do.

For an older kids’ party, it may still go over well. However, I found that there was too little for the kids to do and they didn’t “get” it. Granted, they were age five and six.

If you do it as a party activity, I think an easier material (like any of the paper options) can improve it.

If I ever do a LEGO party again, I’ll definitely be making these from felt, as favors.

But again, especially with older kids, it can be a fun activity.

Just as an FYI these DIY LEGO keychains also made fabulous party favors!

How to make LEGO bookmarks

I made these using my Cricut Maker. You can do it by hand – simply cut a square bookmark, add a slit on three sides, and punch or cut out circles to fit and look like a LEGO brick.



Open the Project link, choose how many you want to make and send it to your machine.

Cut as you normally would.

Arrange four circles to look like the pegs on a brick and glue them on.

That is all!!

And in case you were wondering – I highly recommend this book by Sarah Dees!! It’s not just good for staging photos of LEGO bookmarks, it’s also a great way to teach kids new tricks with old bricks! And if you’ve got a LEGO-adoring birthday kid, this is a win!

Get the incredible book pictured here!
DIY Lego Bookmarks

DIY Lego Bookmarks


  • Craft foam, felt, cardstock, or whatever you choose to use
  • Glue
  • Cricut cutting machine


    1. Open the Project link, choose how many you want to make and send it to your machine.
    Cut as you normally would.

    2. Arrange four circles to look like the pegs on a brick and glue them on.

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