LEGO Birthday Party Ideas – Activities, Decorations, Food, and More!

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This past October, we threw M a fun and affordable LEGO inspired party and I’m now going to share with you some of our favorite LEGO birthday party ideas – including food, activities, decorations, and more! You can see our Elmo themed birthday party ideas hereDisclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Click for the ultimate list of LEGO birthday party ideas - including brick themed party crafts, activities, foods, cakes, treat and favor boxes, and more!


When it comes to throwing birthday parties on a budget, I find that the trick is to:

  1. Do it at home
  2. Be creative
  3. Be selective with how you DIY – choosing to buy things that are more intensive to do yourself, so that you can DIY more of the others.

With that, I wanted to share with you some of my LEGO birthday party ideas that we tried, along with some ideas that my friends have tried. You’ll find inexpensive activities, food, favor ideas, decorations, and more!





LEGO Birthday Party Ideas for food:

I didn’t do many themed foods. I try to keep my birthday parties healthy-ish, and serve real food that the kids might actually eat, instead of getting corny with the themes, but I did a few things to tie in the theme.

M’s LEGO birthday cake was really easy to make. I used chocolate frosting because I suck at cake decorating and wanted to just squeeze a tube and plop it on.


This cake was actually my husband’s idea. I just baked four mini cakes (cupcakes can work too) and one square cake. I attached the four minis to the top of the square to make a brick. The candle and Happy Birthday sign are from the dollar store.



I also downloaded these juice box wrappers from Delia Creates and printed them on colored copy paper.


For my few themed foods, I got brick candy, and I served graham crackers because they sort of look like LEGOs? Some more cool ideas of themed LEGO birthday party foods:



LEGO birthday party ideas for decorations:

When I went to The Dollar Tree with M for a random Mommy/Son date, we happened to spot these brick party supplies! If you won’t make it to the Dollar Tree and don’t want to buy in bulk, you can find similar supplies on Amazon.

I knew that the trick to making this look good was moderation, and not choosing everything brick themed because it’ll look like the 90’s barfed all over our home.


I mixed solid party supplies in colors derived from the brick pattern with actual brick pattern. The tablecloth was blue, setting a solid, bold, colorful stage (and because it’s M’s favorite color. Don’t forget – he was helping me shop!!)

Plates and napkins were chosen in the brick pattern, as well as birthday hats, and a pennant banner. Cups were solid, as well as blue cutlery.

I also found little boxes in the Dollar Tree which I had hoped to use for favors, but our favors didn’t fit. So I used them as props, and some of the kids took them home stuffed with brick candy… whoops!


As a spur-of-the-moment thing, we made a cool 5 sign on a base plate.



To make it, start with forming the shape using plates on the base plate. Then, decorate your base number using different fun shapes and forms. I made a whole contraption in the back to help it stand, but a plate easel would probably be a wiser bet. You can make this using your existing stash, or use any LEGO Classic box to jumpstart your collection.



LEGO birthday party ideas for activities:

When throwing a birthday party at home, entertainment is a biggie. I like to have something to keep the kids busy throughout the party, something to settle them in with, and of course a cool photo booth like we do at every party .

Photo booth: I made these fun LEGO photo props out of a cardboard box, and walked around with a Fujifilm Instax Mini offering the kids photos.


Design a mini figure: This activity was a ginormous hit – most of the kids made more than one! First, I printed these blank mini figure coloring pages.


I laid them out on a separate table, where guests can decorate them as they arrived. I wrapped the table with blue wrapping paper the same color as the tablecloth on the main table to protect it.  M didn’t have loads of friends come, so four at a time was enough. I put out markers, fast-drying paint sticks, glue, googly eyes, pom poms, plastic gems, buttons, and sequins. You can also get a Craft Library to work with – it’s a great way to offer more options more easily!



It was the perfect open-ended party craft and the kids really enjoyed doing it. They were at that age where they’re obsessed with LEGO so designing their own LEGO man was epic. The paint sticks and the gems were the biggest hits.



We also had a LEGO play station set up in our living/family room which was right behind where they did the craft. It really kept the kids busy most of the party.


If you want another fun party craft idea, check out this LEGO vase/plant pot by Mama In The Now.



LEGO birthday party ideas for favors:

I designed these LEGO favor bags special for the party. You can print them in black and white on colored paper, or in full color. You can fill them with anything, from cheap sets, to random bricks, mini figures, or even LEGO crayons.

Download these minifigure LEGO inspired treat bag toppers for your next boy's or girls birthday party!


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Another cool LEGO birthday party favor idea are these LEGO treat boxes from Wunder-mom. If I’d had the patience I’d definitely have used those!

If you want to make your own favors to put inside, try these LEGO jelly soaps by Soccer Mom Blog.

Or, use molds to upcycle old crayons into brick-shaped ones.



The best part of our LEGO birthday party? The smile on this little guy’s face:


Got any more LEGO birthday party ideas to share? Comment below!


This list of LEGO birthday party ideas includes so many crafts and activities for a brick party! These ideas for a five year old birthday party theme include photo props, craft ideas, party activities, food ideas to serve, decorations, and more


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