Toddler travel tip: choosing the right stroller cover means that you will be able to continue on with your plans, even when the weather would otherwise not allow for it.

Manito Rain Cover Review

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Welcome to my review of the Manito rain covers, as part of my traveling with toddlers blog series. First of all, here’s a little travel tip:

Toddler travel tip: choosing the right stroller cover means that you will be able to continue on with your plans, even when the weather would otherwise not allow for it.




Manito is a leader in stroller covers, and it’s clear why. After going through a series of cheap plastic covers that tore at the edges and were too small, I am happy to have discovered Manito.


I’ve been struggling to lose that baby weight, and while I don’t mind going out in the rain, I do want to know that my baby is well protected. Having a proper cover is essential to keeping up with my exercise routine.


manito rain covers review



Since we’ll be traveling soon, on a hard-earned vacation (to the in-laws 😉 ), we do not want to lose a single day! Once again, having a great stroller cover means that we’ll be able to go out even on rainy days (as much of our time will be spent traveling by bus and by foot).


Manito covers not only cover a broad range of needs (cold, rain, sun), but they also cover various stroller types. While each one is versatile and adapts to many makes of stroller, there are so many styles, it’s impossible to say that one covers all. Manito had this in mind when creating the Alpha and Beta lines, as I will soon describe.


They have also kept the various needs a mom has in mind, with the features below. From easy access to baby, to a shade that helps him sleep, convenience is built right in!

Manito Rain Cover Features:


The Manito Elegance stroller covers are jam packed with features:


manito rain covers features



  • Available in five fun, bold colors.
  • Features a large clear multi-sided window enclosed by durable water repellent fabric.
  • Window effectively screens 99% of UV rays, providing adequate sun protection on rainy days (when the UV rays still penetrate).
  • Features a sun shade that folds down so that your baby can sleep undisturbed, and for added sun protection.
  • Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials.
  • A detachable foot cover means you can wash just the dirtiest part separately. It wraps the baby’s feet, keeping them even warmer.
  • The flat, wrinkle-free windows are essential to baby’s eyesight and development. Wrinkly shields often cause refraction and distortion.
  • A large, zipper opening means you can easily care for you baby, and put her in/take her out without removing the cover. A piece of velcro holds it in place when it’s open


manito rain covers features



  • S-hooks connect in the back of the stroller to keep it on securely, despite winds and more. They also create a better seal from cold.
  • Comes with pockets right under your handlebar – something your stroller should have come with but likely didn’t!
  • Comes with a matching storage pouch with a carry strap.
  • Holes on both sides provide cross-ventilation.
  • Water-repellent and windproof fabric protects your baby from rain, snow, dust and wind.
  • Comes in styles for single and double strollers, and in a few stroller types – alpha and beta, as described below:


manito rain covers review


Manito Elegance Alpha – The Alpha stroller cover is designed to fit regular strollers with attached seats. It’s also the perfect choice for any stroller where the recline is done by tilting only the back of the seat. It fits even in the full recline position, and is perfect for when you want a single cover to fit multiple stroller types.

We used this on our Graco Literider stroller, as you can see in the photo below.


Manito Elegance Beta – This cover is designed to fit many of today’s strollers that feature a removable seat that fully reclines (the entire seat tilts to recline). This design is amazing, because it attaches only to the seat, without incorporating the frame at all. This means that you can change the seat position even with the stroller attached. And yes, this situation has already come up!

Some examples of models that would fit this include: the Quinny Buzz, Baby Jogger City Select or Versa, Uppababy Cruz and Vista, and more (check the chart below to determine which one is for you).

We used this on our Graco Modes stroller, as you can see in the photo below.


manito rain cover reviews

How to choose your Manito rain cover:


In case the guide above wasn’t enough, here is a handy chart provided by Manito to help you choose. This guide can help you with choosing any of their weather shields (including the Castle series cold weather shields). You can also contact Manito customer service with your stroller model and they will be glad to help you choose. Or comment below, and I’ll help you out with it.


manito rain cover review

My thoughts, likes, and critiques:


What I love: I have never seen a stroller cover that is so protective. It’s also so easy to use once it’s on – no need to keep taking it on and off!


The s-hooks are strategically placed on both the models and the entire unit is securely placed on the stroller. This means that it protects even on windy days, and it adds to the ease of use.


As I’ve mentioned, each detail shows care and the user’s best interest in mind. The pockets in the back will likely cause some people to want to use it even when it’s not raining! The velcro that secures the window in place when it’s open has already been put to good use.


The design is both beautiful and practical.  It works as a unit with the stroller (both the alpha and beta models) and offers the utmost protection from the elements. This need not be rain. We are traveling to a dusty area, and I look forward to protecting my little passenger from that too!


Ironically, these covers arrived the day before New York’s “big” blizzard. I did go for a walk after the snow started, and my child was dry, warm, and happy after walking 1.2 miles in this weather.


manito rain covers review



The pouch it comes with is another sign of convenience. The cover is easy to fold, and shockingly compact once it’s sealed in the pouch. The carry handle was one thing I wasn’t sure I’d need, but then it came in handy when I was running out quickly and just grabbed it without putting it on just yet.


The sunshade has been put to good use, enabling me to give M naptime while out and about. And I love the sweet “Don’t disturb! I’m sleeping” message on it.



What I’d change: Overall I love this and have not seen a comparable piece. It’s structured, and “real” – not just an accessory that’s pulled out when there is no choice.


Now that my baby is a toddler, we don’t need it to cover a travel system, though I’d love to see one like that in the future – even if it’s a different model. I haven’t tried it yet on a travel system with the car seat in place, though the company does state that it’s not designed to fit that properly.


I’d also love to see more conservative color options (though I love the pops of color) to match with more strollers. A black and a beige would cover it…


Overall, this cover is so exciting! Once you’ve tried a Manito stroller cover, you’ll find that there’s no going back. The convenience, usability, and attention to detail will have you from the start, and anything else will simply fall short.

Connect with Manito: 

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Disclaimer: I did receive product samples from Manito®  USA to facilitate the review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. I received no monetary compensation in exchange for this review and was not paid to endorse it.


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  1. Does the cover need to be taken off when you want to fold the stroller?? If so, how easy is it to take it on and off??


    1. Hi Monica,
      It depends on the stroller, and the fit. Since it’s meant to fit a variety of strollers, the fit can be looser or more fitted. On my cheaper Graco that I use for travel, it can fold.
      Also, on the models with a removable seat, it does not affect the fold.
      Othwerwise, it’s quite easy to remove, but to stop and fold it takes an extra minute.

  2. I have an uppababy vista. Can anyone help me determine the correct version? The backrest does recline which would seem alpha is correct, but the leg portion is also adjustable and can more or less be in the 180 degree position shown in the beta so I’m not sure if that one is the right one . But also I dont ever use it that way and like the color choice for the alpha better. Any experience with vista comments are greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello
    I just bought the city select Lux and I previously own the elegance alpha – would I need to purchase the beta for a better fit? I guess in order to save money if I don’t have to buy it I won’t.. but I am just wondering if I’m using the incorrect one? Our old stroller Britax did not have a detachable seat however the city select is detachable.

    1. Hi Mariam, yes, you’d want to get the Beta to be able to flip the stroller seat around. However, if you’re using the alpha and you’re fine with it, no need to switch – if it’s working for how you use the stroller.

  4. Hi there!

    We have a Graco Modes jogger… which cover do you think would be best?

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Hi, I have graco modes. And based on ur suggestion beta would fit.. but is beta compatible with the 4 recline positions of the graco modes in both front and rear facing ?
    Becaise we use the flat mode when the baby sleeps.. so just wanna ensure before buying it

  6. Hi, I have the Evenflo Sibby travel system – the stroller itself has a back that reclines, as well as a footrest that can be moved to multiple positions as well. In addition to this, the infant car seat clicks into the stroller. I emailed Manito and they said to get the Alpha, but I’m still not sure. What do you think?

    1. Hi Jennifer. That is correct. The Beta is only for strollers where the entire seat (the stroller seat, not the car seat) removes, leaving only a frame. It looks to me like the Sibby main seat is attached, which would require the Alpha. We used the alpha for years on our Graco travel system with an attached seat.

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