If you're having a hard day you need to read this. It's one of the most encouraging parenting articles I've seen. "The day I realized that I'm a perfect mom"

The day I realized that I’m the perfect mom

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If you're having a hard day you need to read this. It's one of the most encouraging parenting articles I've seen. "The day I realized that I'm a perfect mom"




I was trembling with exhaustion that day.

I hadn’t slept the night before.

My house was a sad wreck. Every inch of the table was covered with things to do. The laundry was higher than the back of the chair on which it sat. The dishes filled both sinks.

I drank too much coffee in an effort to plow forward. I was trembling and shivering, and crying just a little.

There were blog posts to be written.

There were forms to be filled out. Appointments to be made. People to call. And a toddler to take care of. 

My toddler.


About him…

I hadn’t changed his diaper right away. I was struggling with other things at the time.

He was dirty when I changed him. He needed a bath. So I let him play with the sink until he was clean.

I wanted to sit with him. 

To finger paint.

To read him a book.

To spend the day with him in the park.

To sit and give him attention all day.

But I was shaking and overwhelmed and needed a hug myself. 

I was struggling to help with the income. To keep my house spotless. And to raise a happy, fulfilled toddler. I was struggling to be Super Mom. To be a perfect mom. And I was crying from the emotions that struggle brought. I was crying because I loved him so much, and wanted to create a utopia for him. 


As I hugged my baby, and cried, I realized that I’m the perfect mom.

Every moment I breathe is for him.

Every time I [try to] relax it’s so that I can be a better mom.

Every decision I make, whether it turned out to be good or bad, is with him in mind. 

I love my baby. I’d do anything for him. I do my very best for him. I am a perfect mom.

I might not be super mom. But I’m a perfect mom.


Fellow mom, did you ever have a day like this? I’m sure you have, and you are not alone!

Don’t you think it’s about time we redefine what we think of as perfection? Don’t you think it’s time you give yourself credit for all that you do for your child? No one is really super mom. But, we can all be perfect moms. 


If you're having a hard day you need to read this. It's one of the most encouraging parenting articles I've seen. "The day I realized that I'm a perfect mom"




Join the coversation: Do you think as moms we are too hard on ourselves? What is your definition of a perfect mom?



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  1. Menucha you made me cry!!! this is beautiful. and yes today was one of those days so this came at the perfect time!

  2. As mothers we are our own worst critics. We try to live up to these unrealistic expectations that PERFECTION (clean, house, clean well behaved kids, happy spouse, finacial stability,etc., etc) is easy and effortless. That is nothing further from the truth. The fact is, the desire to give 100% of ourselves to the families we love so much makes us perfect moms. We all push ourselves to the limits so that our children, spouses, families are happy and comfortable. I have learned being a single mother of 3 that if the dishes dont get washed til morning, nobody is gonna die. Invest ur time and energy where it counts the most..loving on ur family. Life is too short to miss one moment with them..the bills and budget can wait.

    Thanks for writing this. We all needed to know we are not alone


    1. Well said! We accept nothing less than perfection – but need to realize where that perfection lies, or we stretch ourselves much too thin. I think as a single mother this is even harder on you – as you’re struggling to be a perfect Dad too all the time!

  3. I so needed to read this today! As moms, we are so hard on ourselves and even worse, sometimes each other. The truth is we are all doing the best we can for our families, and that makes each of us perfect.

  4. I struggle so much trying to be a super mom, putting my kids first, and juggling the rest of life. This spoke to me deeply, made me cry. It is so hard the pressures and constant objectives we set for ourselves. The last two days have been some of the hardest for me dealing with this. Thank you for this. For seeing that we can be perfect even though we are not “perfect”. God gave us our children because we are the perfect parents for them.

  5. This post is inspiring – Please, if u can, re- post this everywhere – I know many women that need to read this, it may just stop them descending into depression (- ive struggled with the loneliness of feeling like a failure and the inevitable withdrawing into myself ) xx

  6. For many years I thought I was invisible to the world until one day I decided to be a mom….there is nothing imposible anymore…. as a single mom of two there is lots of challenges but those little hugs are priceless & so truthful. Thank for posting a piece of your heart each of you…I collect all of this thoughts they enriched my soul & way of seeing life… it helps me to be a better mother & a better person 🤗

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