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Most Popular Parenting Posts of 2014

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For this roundup, I let you decide! These are my most popular parenting posts of 2014 from my blog, according to how many views they received.

Here are my most popular parenting posts from 2014 as determined by pageviews! Enjoy...

Most Popular Parenting Posts of 2o14 on Moms & Crafters

#1. 12 Mom to Mom Breastfeeding Tips

Most Popular Parenting Posts


#2: Stay at Home vs Working Moms – True Life Experiences:Most Popular Parenting Posts


#3. 25 Life Lessons I Learned in my first year of motherhood…

Most Popular Parenting Posts


#4. Placing your Car Seat in the Middle – My Story

Most Popular Parenting Posts


#5. 11 Mom to Mom Naptime Tips for Active Toddlers

Most Popular Parenting Posts


#6. Why I Love the Frozen Obsession:

Most Popular Parenting Posts



While I’ve only been seriously blogging for a few months, the readers seemed to love these! (Please note share counts were reset in December due to a small blog change, so I couldn’t judge by those).


Stay tuned for a year full of popular parenting posts, crafts and more! I hope to blog full time this year, and can’t wait to bring you more!


Meanwhile, here are some more popular parenting posts from other parenting bloggers!


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Alison - The Way He Plays

Saturday 3rd of January 2015

Your 25 Life Lessons from the first year of motherhood really made me laugh! My son loves toilet water too, I have to get ready in the morning with one foot holding the lid closed!