Science Coloring Page Poster for Kids – Magnetism and Gravity

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I am so excited to partner with Geomag and their new Mechanics Gravity line to bring you this free printable science coloring page and poster! This cool color-in poster for bigger kids and tweens features a superhero-style illustration focused on magnetism and gravity.


Click to download this free printable science coloring page and poster for teen and tween boys and girls! This STEM activity for kids is a fun way to learn about magnetism and gravity and a great coloring page for bigger kids who love comics!


Kids learn best through play and when M started first grade, he really struggled.

It wasn’t so much the academics, it was the long days, having less time to play on his own, and just feeling overwhelmed by it all.

I decided to take things into my hands, and turn it around. We started doing STEM activities together after he finishes his homework – whether it was science experiments, robotics, or engineering activities.


Science Coloring Page


Here’s the thing:

As hard as his day was I knew he needed one thing more than anything else: to know that his mother’s got his back.

As hard as his day was I knew he needed one thing more than anything else: to know that his mother's got his back. Click to Tweet


And the one-on one time was such a great motivator for him.


Below, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite tips for motivating an unmotivated child, along with the free printable science coloring page poster your child can color and hang.


But first, I wanted to share with you the latest STEM project we’ve been working on together: Geomag Mechanics Gravity!



Geomag Mechanics new gravity line:

One of the things most fascinating to the curious kid is magnets. They love the “click” it makes when it connects and they love the way things behave around each other because of magnets.

M loves experimenting with magnets, seeing what it attracts, and he discovers new things simply by playing with magnets.

Geomag incorporates concepts of gravity with a child’s natural love of magnetism in this new toy line, including the sets you see here.



The Gravity Motor uses magnets to power a transmission that can move the balls up or down within the machine you create. It’s fascinating to watch the transmission in action and it uses such simple concepts: the repelling nature of magnets.


The Shoot n Catch set includes a magnetic cannon and other features to create obstacle courses, or “Rube Goldberg” type machines. The goal? Have the magnetic T catch the ball.



Each set comes with enough extra pieces to experiment and try your own thing – a must-have feature for creative exploration!



Enough talking, more watching: check out the video below to see toy in action:




And with that, I want to share with you the fun free printable science coloring page and poster I designed with M in mind.


Free printable science coloring page and poster:

If gravity is a magnetic force, how do you defy gravity – something every decent superhero needs to do here and there?

Gravity Kid has the answer.


>>>You can download this science coloring page poster in 11×17 (tabloid) size here and in 8.5×11 (letter) size here.<<<<<


All rights reserved so please don’t redistribute this page.  That means, if you want to share this with a friend, send them to this blog post so that they can download it directly from the source too!

Classroom and library use is allowed and encouraged.


Download this free printable superhero coloring page for big kids! This science coloring page can be printed in poster or letter size. Click to Tweet



This superhero-inspired science coloring page is based on the same concepts that the Geomag toy line is based on, with balls and sticks attracting each other, but the functional element of magnetics and gravity was inspired by the Gravity line.

You can use this as a side-by-side activity with creating Geomag gravity machines, and challenge your kids to tell you what other ways Gravity Kid might really be able to move up instead of down.





How to motivate an unmotivated child at home:

When your child is losing interest in things he used to love – science, math, and reading – you know it’s time to think outside the box.

That’s what we did. Here are some practical solutions for motivating an unmotivated child:

How to motivate an unmotivated child - 4 mom-tested strategies that work in the long run! Click to Tweet

1. Spend time together with learning-enhancing experiences. This can be cool STEM projects like Geomag, at-home science experiments – or all of the above! The main thing is that you’re there too.

2. Learn through play because play is the way kids build that natural love of STEM subjects. Geomag Mechanics Gravity shows kids how the concepts they learn can produce cool results.

3. Play on their interests. If your child loves superheros, include superheros in learning experiences. Use your child’s favorite characters in sample math problems. Keep their interest.

4. They’re still kids! Remembering this will help you speak to them with what they enjoy. I created this science coloring page poster with that in mind: even a big boy loves to color; the coloring page just needs to speak to him.


What are your favorite ways to motivate an unmotivated child? Check out the Geomag Gravity line here and comment below!


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