Free Printable Stroller Cards & the Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller

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Enjoy these free printable stroller cards to help you while out and about with your kids! I hope my mom-to-mom tips for going out with kids of different ages helps you too. This post is sponsored by Ergobaby.

stroller cards and Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller review

The joys of welcoming a new baby brings with it new adjustments, and one that was unique was going out with Y and Princess A together. Y is young enough to wander off, still needs help with buckling in, and is needy. Princess is, well, a baby.

Today I’m going to share with you a fantastic stroller that has really made “out and about” easier, along with some of my best tips for balancing going out with multiple young children. And finally, I illustrated some sweet stroller cards that I’m offering as a free printable!

What are stroller cards, you ask?

It’s kind of like a picture book, only in card format. It’s designed to be attached to the stroller so that you don’t lose it. This set is kind of like a scavenger hunt as well, with pictures of things you might see when out and about. And I’m going to share with you below why they are so awesome.

The Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller

Here’s the deal: When heading out with multiple kids, you need something you can handle on your own, but is super comfy, has space to toss things into the bottom, and doesn’t occupy your entire trunk. I know this because dealing with bulky strollers was really getting to me, until I tried this this one.

The Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller does all this. That means that Princess A can nap, while I focus on Y. It’s easy to take in and out with one hand, meaning I can hold Y’s hand while setting things up for A. The adjustable handlebar makes it comfortable for me. And the generous basket can hold all the snacks…

We took Princess A and Y out for a test walk the other day. A had fun in her new stroller, in her own words “lalalalal laaaa!” That’s singing in her world. She then proceeded to get cozy and in went the thumb. The soft, plush padding is absolutely my favorite stroller feature – it’s the most comfortable ultra-compact stroller. And the leg rest is adjustable. That means that combined with the flat recline A can really relax. Having a comfortable baby means that she’s content, and our trips out are so much more pleasant!

We are fortunate enough to live in a corner of New York City that has plenty of nature, and we love just walking around our neighborhood. I’m using this as a new everywhere stroller, even for local walks.

On that note, I need to mention that the stroll was so smooth. Those little wheels pack a powerful punch without taking over my car (or my tiny entry closet).

Survival Tips for Out ‘n About with Multiple Children

The past eight months have definitely been an adjustment, so I wanted to share some tips I’ve learned.

  • Snacks are everything – Bring all the snacks. Bring three times what you think you’ll need. Don’t just bring snacks for your older kids! Bring energizing snacks for yourself as well. And if baby is of snacking age, bring for him or her as well.
  • Comfort is also everything – Comfort for me means I have more energy. Comfort for my baby means she’s more likely to stay in the stroller. The Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller has a soft, plush padded cushioned seat, perfect for naps on-the-go. And an adjustable handlebar is more ergonomic for me.
  • You’ll always need a free hand – That means that you’ll want to keep things as single-handed as possible. When going out with multiple kids, I always bring a diaper bag that has a comfortable shoulder strap, or a backpack, and I try to keep it from becoming too heavy. If it’s too heavy, I place it on the bottom of the stroller. The Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller’s single-handed fold means I can keep one hand free for Y or for holding Princess A.
  • Have a system: Over time, we developed a system. I stop the car, open the doors (hooray for minivans and power doors!), set up the stroller, put in baby, wheel around to other door, let out the older sibling to hold on to the stroller. Sometimes Y does NOT cooperate with my best laid out plans. In that case, I tell him to hold onto the door handle OR to hold my hand as I set up the stroller.
  • Speak in positives: Instead of telling your child “don’t run away”, tell your child what he or she SHOULD do. For example, telling a child to hold onto a specific spot of the stroller, or, as mentioned above, the door handle, can be very effective.
  • Entertainment: If you’re running your own errands with kids (as opposed to going to the park or doing kid-friendly outings) they can get bored. These free printable stroller cards make perfect on-the-go entertainment. Y enjoyed finding the things pictured on the cards. He also named the images out loud for A.
  • Enlist help: Children are more likely to cooperate if they feel helpful. I use this trick for M, who is seven. I put him in charge of things and he feels big and responsible. Y sometimes follows suit and helps as well.

Print and assemble the stroller cards

As promised, I created a set of stroller cards for you to download for free and print for yourself! I digitally illustrated these special for this post, with pictures of things you might find while out and about.

The idea is to entertain, and to take advantage of having multiple children to teach baby some language. Indeed, Y called out the images to A while out and about on our walks. The template features curved edges and I laminated it to make it more baby friendly.

I glued the cards back to back. You have twenty images so that makes ten cards. That is a lot – you can even do five cards (with ten images) and it’ll be highly entertaining.

I laminated them using 5 mil laminating sheets for durability and attached it to a toy tether, which you buy or DIY. It’s designed to work similarly to a board book that’s attached to the stroller so that you don’t have to keep track of it.

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What are your favorite features of the Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller? Got any questions about it or tips for moms out and about with multiple children? Comment below!

This post is sponsored by Ergobaby.

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