How to Measure Your Bracelet Size

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I’m taking a break from my selling on Etsy series for this week (don’t worry, I WILL resume next week), to answer a question that’s been asked of me many times: How do you measure bracelet size?

To start with, you must know how to differentiate between bracelet size and wrist size. Your wrist size is the exact measurement around your wrist. Your bracelet size is usually an inch larger than that and is the length you want your bracelets to be.

Here are three ways you can measure your size accurately:


Use a soft tape measure (the kind used for sewing) to determine wrist size. Add an inch to that to determine your bracelet size.


 Use some string, twine, ribbon, or anything of that sort. Wrap it once around your wrist from the end, and hold the spot it reaches. Either make a mark, or cut it to that size. Measure that length using any ruler to determine your wrist size. Add an inch to that to determine your bracelet size. Alternatively, you can make sure when you initially wrap it around it’s about as loose as you like your bracelets to be, and measure that to determine your bracelet size.


Take a bracelet you already own and measure that to determine your bracelet size. Make sure to subtract any clasp overlap (the spot where the two sides of the closure connect and do not add length to the bracelet) from one side.

Feel free to link to this post and share it around with anyone who may enjoy it! If you are a shop owner, you may link to this to help your buyers give you accurate bracelet sizes. If you purchase bracelets in my Etsy shop, please use this as your guide!!

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    1. I have so much trouble with this!!!😞😞 I make braclets now as a learning process and give them to family and friends. I struggle with sizes! I finally got a mandrel and it helps a lot. But I wonder if there is a way to measure a bracelet flat on your work table. Is that what you mean by add an inch? If my wrist is 7.5, do I want the bracelet to measure 8.5, flat on a table from the end of one clasp to the other? I’ve been rigging my bracelet with a jump rings to get it on the mandrel. Then I’m back and forth with too long or too short!

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