a really cool craft planner for summer camp at home planning

Craft Planner: Free Printable Calendar for Craft Camp at Home

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Plan your craft camp at home  with this free printable craft planner and calendar! If you need crafty inspiration, check out my summer crafts for tweens right here or browse the crafts section of Moms & Crafters! Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.


Click for a free printable craft planner to plan your crafty summer camp at home! #printables #planner #crafts


The summer days can be long and, well, boring! And if you’ve got little ones or even bigger ones to keep out of trouble, crafting can be the perfect way to do just that!


But there’s nothing as frustrating as coming into the day unequipped which is why I had this fun craft planner designed for you.


 It’s really easy to use!


How to use your craft planner:

  • Start by jotting down a list of ideas on a scrap paper. Then plug it into the calendar page week by week.
  • Go through  your crafts and create your lists! If you’re working with themes, make a new page for each theme. If not, skip that box. Make a list of ALL your materials in the “materials” box – and don’t forget quantities.
  • Head over to your craft closet and check what you have being mindful of quantity. Anything that you don’t have enough of jot down in the “need to purchase” box.
  • Any specific notes to remember, a step you want to keep in mind, a material that can be alternated for a cheaper item, etc? Jot it down in the “notes” section of your craft planner.
  • And finally, stick your list in your handbag and go shopping! Or snap a picture on your phone before you hit the store.
  • Even better: Shop online! Some of my favorite places to shop for craft materials online: Amazon, Walmart, Target for multiple basic craft supplies. Ebay of one-off items that I need. For art materials Blick Art Materials. For larger quantities of jewelry making supplies try Pandahall. To stock up big time on craft supplies, Create for Less. For paper crafts try Blitsy. For ideas – ebooks and patterns try Leisure Arts. To learn new skills, try Craftsy.

And of course, the main thing is to have fun! Try filling it with open-ended crafts like these paracord headbands that take lots of time to make! Or, give a new skill a try, such as learning how to watercolor.

Join the Sisterhood of Crazy Crafters (a free Facebook community) to share your ideas and to get craft ideas from our members! You’ll love joining in on the conversations happening.


craft planner for summer camp at home


Download your free craft planner below:

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Which crafts will you be trying this summer? Comment below!



a really cool craft planner for summer camp at home planning



Did you know that glitter is the new black? Get the perfect accessory to your summer camp crafting fun! (Pictured: black/white)


Glitter is the new Black



Want some ideas to fill this summer camp craft planner? Check out the cool crafts below:


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