DIY Rainbow Keychains – a Fun Party Favor!

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Craft these adorable and easy DIY rainbow keychains – an easy to make party favor to craft in bulk! Learn how to make acrylic keychains with Cricut in more designs too. This post contains affiliate links.

HOw to make diy rainbow keychains for a first birthday party or baby shower party favor

As the next installment of my Rainbow One first birthday party series, based on Princess A’s party, I’m excited to share with you some DIY rainbow keychains that we gave out as party favors. You can find my rainbow cake topper with the same design too.

For this party, since it was mostly about the adults – and the kids attending weren’t quite her age – I didn’t want to do goody bags. However, I wanted to provide a little take-home gift. So I decided that trendy acrylic keychains are my best bet. They have a diverse age range and are fun to make.

I simply hung them from a decorative necklace display and allowed guests to take one, making it super low key on my part. No packaging. No remembering to give. Just a “take one” scenario.

I actually first played around with making boho rope macrame rainbows as keychains, however it was too complicated to make in bulk. What I love most about these DIY keychains is that they are so easy to make!

The vinyl parts are small enough to be treated as stickers and assembled in minutes. The acrylic keychains come in affordable bulk packs and are so popular.

In addition, they take on a 3D effect that’s so cool, with the clouds placed on the reverse (or on both sides!)

If you’re busy throwing a first birthday party in a rainbow theme, these make the perfect DIY party favors. You can use this SVG package to make so many decorations for your party in addition to these keychains. You can also check out my DIY high chair tutu that I created for her high chair, as well as our first birthday hat for girls.

Get the SVG file to make this here!

What you need to make a rainbow keychain

How to make DIY rainbow keychains

1. Upload your SVG, resize it and cut it as you normally would. Weed all your parts.

2. Prepare your acrylic keychain. It comes with a thin film on each side to protect the finish. Remove it using your weeding tool to help you.

3. To create your keychains, you can use transfer tape. However, since each piece is small and each color is a single piece (besides the rainbow), I found it easiest to treat them as stickers. Simply place each part on your keychain, starting with the top arch of the rainbow. Continue till you reach the smallest one. It can overlap a little on the irregular parts. Leave space for your clouds.

4. Flip it over and add a cloud! Adding the clouds to the reverse makes it look a little 3D. You can also cut double clouds and add one on each side.

5. Attach your keychain. Use pliers to close the jump ring well. If your kit comes with tassels, you can add them, but I preferred not to.

I hope you enjoyed making DIY keychains! What will you be making yours for? Comment below!

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