3D Flower Bouquet Card – Paper Flower DIY Card

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Make a beautiful 3D flower bouquet card with pop up paper flowers and a vase! If you prefer, try this  paper flower wreath, or scroll down for this free printable card template and tutorial. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


Learn how to make a 3D flower bouquet card with this free printable paper craft template! This is fun for Mother's Day, or do it in poinsettia colors for Christmas.


There’s nothing like a handmade card to add a personal touch to a gift – and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t need to be overly personal or intricate.



This 3D flower bouquet card features three flowers in a vase, and is quite simple to make. It’s perfect for when you want to add your own magical touch but don’t want to make a gift. Homemade gifts are a touchy subject – they’re often complicated to make, expensive, and underappreciated (although not always – I still give them out a lot!)

A card on the other hand, while designed to be thrown out (ouch!) is less specific. The recipient is almost guaranteed to appreciate the effort you put in – and won’t have to hide when they see you and they aren’t wearing it or using it 😉



If you love making paper flowers, this project is for you.

You can use any type of paper that’s stiff enough to hold a little. It could be crafting card stock, printer card stock, or even kids’ contruction paper.



My favorite is solid colored textured scrapbooking card stocks.



Download the free printable template and have fun making 3D flower bouquet cards!




What you need to make a 3d Flower Bouquet Card:



[convertkit form=5272157]

How to make a paper flower card:


1. Trace and cut out the leaf templates using green paper.


2. Trace the vase template on another color and cut it out.


3. Fold along the thin lines as marked. I’d recommend placing your template over the cardstock vase that you cut out, and scoring through both layers.


4. Prepare the card base.  Apply glue along the 3 thin tabs on the sides of your vase. Glue onto your card base close to the bottom.


5. Trace your flowers and spirals onto colorful cardstock and cut out. You have three sizes of petals but you only need two per flower – you can make two different sizes of flowers for each.


6. Glue the two flower patterns together on the center. Coil the spiral pattern starting from the outer end, coiling until you reach the center. Glue the coiled part of the spiral to the center to secure it.


7. Repeat to create more flowers. Cut out thin strips of green colored cardstock paper for the flower stems. All your elements should be ready: the base attached to the card base, stems, centers, leaves, and flowers.


8. Glue your flowers to stems with leaves placed as you feel appropriate. Glue the 3 flower stems together to form a bouquet.


9. Insert the flowers inside the vase. Apply a little bit of glue to secure the flower in place inside the vase.


Who will you be making this 3D flower bouquet card for? Comment below!


Make a DIY paper flower card with a 3D flower bouquet - a fun and easy paper craft for teens and tweens, for Spring, or for any time

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