Check out this amazing jewelry making resource: Why I make jewelry and why you should to!

Why I make jewelry (and why you should too)

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I’ve kind of “plunked” lots of jewelry making tutorials on here, without giving much of a background as to why I make jewelry, how I got started, and why you might want to. I decided to create a new series as a resource for those of you who might just be getting started, or might be interested in starting.


Check out this amazing jewelry making resource: Why I make jewelry and why you should to!


This resource is not to actually TEACH YOU all the skills, but to give you the GROUNDWORK to get started.



How I got started:


Jewelry making has been an outlet for me for a while. Since high school, I have found it to be therapeutic and a perfect way to unwind.

I had been dreaming of creating and customizing my own pieces for a while before. I even took apart and re-assembled cheap costume pieces the way I wanted them, using my teeth. I didn’t know where to start with jewelry making supplies for beginners. Eventually, my little sister got started, I got jealous and went and bought my first round of supplies…


What actually convinced me to make the investment? Within a few days she broke even, and started making pocket money off it! When I was studying abroad, I also earned pocket money, selling jewelry to other girls in the dormitory, and even repairing broken pieces and customizing cheap costume! I also sold on Etsy, (though to make a living off that does require more marketing and output than earning a little extra as a teen.)



Who can make Jewelry?


Jewelry making is a great skill, starting from a young age. Preschoolers can practice fine motor skills, and start with beading, and stringing pasta. As far as making “professional” looking, salable pieces – tweens and teens can definitely do it! I’ve done workshops at parties for children as young as six years old, though I had to finish off the pieces. Interested children from age eight or ten can definitely try learning the basics of headpins, jump rings, and finishing clasps.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be exceptionally skilled to make jewelry. MANY of the jewelry making crafts here teach all the skills you need. Moms & Crafters is about providing crafts that ANYONE can do, and that includes the jewelry making crafts. It can then be taken to levels so advanced, I can only imagine reaching those.


This series will include a guide to jewelry making by age, including sample projects.



Why you and your kids should make Jewelry:


  • It’s so cool!
  • It gives you boost of confidence to make a piece that is REAL looking!
  • It helps enhance fine motor skills
  • It is therapeutic to sit and create in this manner. I have found jewelry making to be my most relaxing craft, and a favorite for unwinding.
  • You can match any outfit on the cheap.
  • You won’t need to buy so many accessories for your teen anymore!
  • Jewelry is very gift-able. Make it in bulk on the cheap for the holiday season.
  • Jewelry is very salable. Sell it on Etsy, in a college dorm, or even to neighbors.
  • Customize existing pieces – wear it the way you like it!
  • It is an extremely versatile craft.



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Do you make jewelry? Why do you make jewelry, and what kind do you make?



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  1. At 72, yes I’m a beginner. So far my intent was to see if I like it (and I do). Actually made a stretch bracelet for a co-volunteer at her request. She paid me for it…then asked for matching earrings. I’ve had to improvise because I can’t find the same bead string. Just came across your blog on Pinterest and I’m liking it!!! Thanks

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