Bald Eagle Craft – Paper Bag Puppet Template

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This adorable bald eagle craft is perfect for 4th of July – who doesn’t love a friendly paper bag puppet? If you love this, check out the cat paper bag puppet. This post contains affiliate links.

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If you’re getting a little tired of all the red, white, and blue, this is a 4th of July craft for you!

Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of in-your-face red, white, and blue and prefer the burgundy, cream, and navy that gives off Old Americana vibes. But if you’re not even going in that direction either, you’ll absolutely love the creativity involved in this bald eagle craft!

And bonus points: the free template makes it cool for everyone – even those who are less artistically inclined.

Paper bag puppets are a favorite hit of mine, and they are fabulous for seasonal crafts as well. For Easter, I shared a paper bag bunny puppet and this Bald Eagle craft is just waiting to celebrate Independence Day with you.

Of course, you can take it to the next level too by adding feathers, googly eyes, and even a little glitter glue!

These make fabulous mom or kid-made toys for 4th of July, as well as a fun party craft and activity, or even a party favor!

But if you prefer more traditional red-white-and blue crafts, check out this Uncle Sam craft or the patriotic crochet stars pattern. You can also check out the fun paper star wands with festive, flowing streamers.

Download the bald eagle craft template

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What you need

How to make this bald eagle craft

1. Select 2 different shades of brown colored craft papers along with white, yellow and orange colored craft papers. Trace the templates on the selected craft papers and cut them out. The template includes, 2 large wing patterns, 2 smaller detail wing patterns, 2 legs, 1 beak, eyes patterns and neck feather pattern. 

2. Attach the eye cutouts to each other.

3. Attach the eyes and the beak cutouts on the head cutout.

4. Use a gel pen to trace borders around the eyes (if you want).

5. Attach the small wing cutouts to the large wing cutouts to craft the pair of wings.

6. Select a paper bag and prepare a brown paper. Trim it to fit each side of your paper bag – the full back and the main portion of the front (minus the flap).

7. Attach the prepared brown colored craft paper to cover the paper bag.

8. Attach the neck feather pattern right below the flap.

9. Attach the head to the bottom flap of the paper bag. The open side of the bag will be the bottom side of the paper bag eagle puppet.

10. Attach the wing patterns to both sides of the paper bag.

11. You can change the eye colors if you want to by filling them in with a different color marker. 

I hope you loved this bald eagle craft! Which paper bag puppets are your favorites to create? Comment below!

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