Paper Bag Bunny Puppet – Free Template

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Craft a paper bag bunny puppet with a free template! Then check out this list of printable puppets to craft and play! This post contains affiliate links.

paper bag bunny puppet collage

Young kids enjoy dramatic play, so why not welcome in spring with a paper bag bunny puppet? Kids will love to create this as an Easter craft – or just for fun. Playing with puppets help build social and communication skills, and playing with one they made provides a boost of self-confidence.

If you want to get a little creative with this craft, you can play with different textures. You can add cotton balls to the tail and a bit of glitter paint (or glitter if you like to live on the edge) to the eyes, cheeks, and nose. You can even add fur to the ears to give it some touchy-feely detail!

This sample was created using construction paper on a brown paper bag. Add a bit of a more polished touch by using colored bags. You can also involve young kids more by treating the template as a coloring page. Instead of cutting out each part from colored paper, allow them to color in a deconstructed version of the paper bag and then assemble it using the parts! You can even tie in a little color matching challenge. Just use the back of the page so you don’t have markings on it.

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What you need

How to make a paper bag bunny puppet

1. Start this craft by printing out the template where you will find the shapes you need to create the bunny. Cut out each shape to use for tracing out the different parts of the bunny on the colored craft paper. Take note of the labels for each bunny part so you know which color paper to use for each part.

Take a white, pink and the two different shades of gray colored craft papers for the bunny paper bag puppet. Trace the inner ear, nose and cheek cutouts on pink paper, trace the tail, tooth and the stomach patterns on white paper, trace the head, body (see next step) and outer ear patterns on the lighter shade of gray paper; and trace the leg patterns on the other shade of gray paper. Cut out the traced pattern neatly so you have all the bunny parts ready to assemble.

2. Glue the (pink) inner ear cutouts on the (light gray) outer ear cutouts. Then glue the (pink) nose cutout near the bottom – middle part of the (light gray) head cutout. Cut out a piece of paper from the lighter shade of gray to cover either side of the paper bag if you’re not using a colored bag – this will be the body of the bunny puppet. Glue the (dark gray) leg cutouts on the bottom of the body cutout.

3. Glue the completed ears on either side of head as it would be on a bunny.

4. Glue the eye, cheek and tooth cutouts on the head pattern as shown in the picture below.

5. Use a marker or gel pen to draw the outline of the eyes and to trace the mouth of the paper bunny puppet. Glue the stomach shape to the body above the feet. Flip the body over and glue the tail on one side of the body pattern, keeping the round end of the tail facing outside so it peeks out.

6. The open end of the paper bag will be the bottom of the puppet and the closed end will be the top. Attach the body portion to the bottom of the paper bag tucked below the flap, and remember to put the legs facing the open end of the bag.

7. Attach the head pattern on the top of the paper bag (what would be the bottom if it was standing open on your counter waiting to be filled with lunch…) and then flatten the head down to the the body to complete the bunny paper bag puppet craft. 

You’ve completed your paper bag bunny puppet. I hope you love it!

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