Cat Paper Bag Puppet with a free template!

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Make an adorable cat paper bag puppet using a free template. It’s such a fun pet themed craft for kids! Then, go on and try the paper bag dragon puppet too! This post contains affiliate links.

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Paper bag puppets are so much fun! They are perfectly sized for little hands and the bottom flap serves as a dedicated “head” so that kids can slightly animate their puppets!

This friendly cat paper bag puppet, however, is extra special. It features one of our kids’ favorite pets, and a cuddly, friendly housebroken (mostly) animal.

Cats are seriously underrated, and while we don’t have a pet cat (yet) our neighbor’s likes to visit us through the hole in the fence… and we don’t mind it one bit!

When it comes to crafts like this one, I always recommend that you take a step back. While my adult-made sample looks picture perfect and so adorable, allowing kids to have the reins on their creations is more important than a perfect result!

Let them choose their own colors – even if that means purple with pink spots.

Let them cut it out imperfectly.

Let them glue on yarn whiskers (if they want).

Let them make the mouth or skip the mouth, or make a mouth where the ear belong and glue the tail to the head… The point is to have fun. And of course, if the point is to have a cat paper bag puppet, you can always craft it yourself as a paper toy or gift for your kids to enjoy!

You can make this paper cat as an everyday paper craft for kids, in black and gray with yellow eyes as a Halloween craft, to celebrate a pet, to put on a show, or to animate a storybook featuring cats.

And finally, once you made this, make sure to check out my paper bag bunny puppet as well as my clothespin paper puppets that were a viral hit!

Download the paper bag puppet template:

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What you need to make the cat paper bag puppet

How to Make a Cat Paper Bag Puppet

1. Decide on a color for the cat paper bag puppet and take two different shades of that colored card stock; we’re using 2 different shades of orange colored card stock. Also, take a pink colored card stock for the inner ear and the nose. Then you are ready to go ahead and trace the different parts of the cat on the corresponding colored paper. When you finish tracing, carefully cut out all the parts.

2. Trace and cut out a piece of paper to cover one side of the paper bag, this will be the front side of the paper bag cat. Using glue, attach the spot cutouts on the tail, head and body cutouts. Attach the inner ear cutouts in the middle of the ear portion of the head cutout. 

3. Attach the nose and the eye cutouts onto the head. 

4. Use a marker or gel pen to draw outlines of the eyes (optional), mouth and whiskers of the cat.

5. Attach the leg cutouts near the bottom side of the body, keeping the round ends of the legs along the border. Attach the tail on either side of the body paper, keeping the round end of the tail pointing upwards. Add details for the paws if you want.

6. Now that the body and the head are ready, prepare your paper bat to assemble it.

7. Attach the body to one side of the paper bag. The legs should be on the end where the bag opens.

8. Attach the head on the bottom flap of the paper bag. Keep your bottom flap folded down to the body to complete the paper bag cat puppet craft. 

Your cat paper bag puppet is complete! Which animal would you like to see next? Comment below!

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