DIY Paper Halloween Treat Bags

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These DIY paper Halloween treat bags come with free templates so that you can make them yourselves! If you love this, check out these Halloween crafts for toddlers too! This post contains affiliate links.

Final image of DIY Paper Halloween treat bags that says on it "Make your own Halloween treat bags with 5 free templates"

Whether you’re looking for something to hold your collection of treats and to pull from as you hand them out, a bag for your kids to collect treats in, or something to give out as favor bags, these DIY paper Halloween treat bags are a win!

Table of Contents:

You get five fun templates that are oh so spooky to help you along with your craft and so that you can offer some variety. Templates include:

  • A bat
  • A cat
  • A Jack O Lantern
  • A ghost (my favorite)
  • And a spider

The tutorial itself focuses on how to assemble the Jack O Lantern.

I shared the process for making your own bags below. It’s really simple!

However, since this craft already involves a lot of cutting, you may prefer to purchase black treat bags – either lunch bags or gift bags – as a base. Just use the embellishment to make them boo-rific!

To keep the focus on the creatures, this craft was made using plain paper. However, you can add loads of texture by simply exploring your home and your craft space! Look for textures such as crepe paper, glitter cardstock, tissue (for the ghost) and more.

Add embellishments such as googly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequins, and more.

Download the free template to make DIY Paper Halloween Treat Bags

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What you need to make the Halloween bags

How to make DIY Paper Halloween Treat Bags

To make the bag

1. Start with a black sheet of paper. Use a rectangular sheet with a rough proportion of 1:2 to make the bag.

2. Fold the paper almost in half, leaving 1 cm along one side.
Apply glue along that excess and fold it over onto the the other side to close your bag.

3. Fold the bottom up about 2 inches.

4. Keeping the top of that fold in place, open up the bottom only.

5. Fold it flat so that you have a triangle on either side, folding the two dies down flat.

6. Fold the top flap down so that it just surpasses that center line.

7. Fold the bottom flap up so that it overlaps the top. Glue the overlap in place to form the bottom of the DIY paper Halloween treat bags.

8. Fold the right and left sides in about an inch.

9. Unfold the last folds.

10. Flatten the bottom (closed end) of the bag upward to check if the bottom is crafted neatly and secure your folds.

How to make the Jack O Lantern Bag

11. Chose the colored papers for your pattern. The template includes the following
items – jack-o-lantern, ghost, bat, and cat and spider patterns. Trace the template onto the
correct colored craft papers and cut it out.

12. Assemble the Jack O Lantern by gluing the stem, mouth, nose, and eye cutouts on the pumpkin

13. Attach the pumpkin to the grass cutout and then layer that on the zigzag label.

14. Glue your assembled Jack O Lantern to either side of the paper bag to complete the DIY aPaper Halloween treat bag.

Which DIY paper Halloween treat bags will you be crafting first? Comment below!

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