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21 Perfect Elmo gifts for toddlers

21 Perfect Elmo gifts for toddlers

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Since M has a serious obsession, I scoured the world wide web for the top Elmo gifts for toddlers – since I know some of you might also know a little one who is in love. (Yes, “in love” describes it. I say “kiss Elmo” and he gives him ten whopping kisses. I say “kiss Mommy” and he says “no-kay, no-kay, no-kay”).If you prefer toys only, check out my Elmo toys for toddlersDisclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


The perfect list of Elmo gifts for toddlers - DIY ideas, and gifts to buy, non-toy gifts and educational toy gifts, just-for-fun, practical, and books + entertainment. Awesome gift ideas for Emo-obsessed toddlers!


Some of these, as usual, represent our own well-loved possessions. Some are fun ideas that look easy enough to DIY in case you prefer DIY gifts. And some are the result of many hours of research, reading reviews, hearing suggestions from other moms.


I’ve included something for everyone: DIY of course, non-toy practical things, toys, and entertainment. Read on for plenty of Elmo love!



Of course, it doesn’t have to be Elmo. Some of these gift ideas do represent all of Sesame Street, but I did pick those that are more Elmo-ish, because no one can replace Elmo!


3 DIY Elmo Gifts for toddlers: 

DIY goes so much farther than things you buy -even if the initial supplies can seem to cost. Plus, they add a personal touch that you can’t get when you buy.


1. Elmo tee shirt – Why buy an Elmo tee if you can make one? I made this for M for his birthday party and it’s his new favorite. 

Mae an adorable DIY no sew Elmo tee shirt for your toddler! Perfect craft for an Elmo or Sesame Street themed party, or to give as a gift.


2. If you like to sew and have a machine, you an make this precious Elmo hooded towel by Crazy Little Projects. Bath time will be giggle hour!

Got a toddler who is obsessed with Elmo? These Elmo gift ideas include both DIY and buy options!


3. Or, if you prefer to crochet, make these friendly Elmo inspired crochet  booties by Hopeful Honey. Make them bigger for your tot to wear as house slippers. 

Got a toddler who is obsessed with Elmo? These Elmo gift ideas include both DIY and buy options!



7 Practical non-toy Elmo gifts for toddlers:


Toddlers have surprisingly low expectations. Buy a seven year old something practical, you’ll get stink-eye. Buy a toddler something practical, with her favorite character, and you’ll be a hero.


Update 3/14/19: We recently got to try the Sesame Street X TOMS collection and whoa, they are too cute for words – I had to add it to this list!! When my boys put them on they couldn’t stop dancing around in them… they never loved a pair of shoes so much.


Elmo gifts for toddlers


Baby Y is wearing the absolute cutest Bert and Ernie shoes, and M is wearing these Elmo ones. My favorite Elmo pair for toddlers is this sneaker.


 Elmo gifts for toddlers Elmo gifts for toddlers



4. Munchkin Elmo tableware – Last Hanukkah, I bought M a different set of tableware and he was delighted. Buy your Elmo fan an Elmo themed set and you’ll be loved forever after. And it’s so cheap. (Note: different tableware combinations are available.)


5. Tots grow quickly, and sometimes it seems tat they can never have enough clothing! Choose from the many Elmo tees out there – this is my favorite. If you prefer, pick up some pajamas, or a full outfit.


6-7. Combine holiday or birthday gifts with something you’re planning on buying anyway! If your tot is still in a crib, an Elmo toddler bed is a great option. Elmo toddler bedding is great to go along, or if you have a convertible crib.

8. Another way to upgrade your tot’s room (or play room) – a mini  Elmo chair! 

9. If you’re planning on potty training soon, consider an Elmo potty as a holiday gift! That’s not cheating – your toddler will love it too much to think so! 

10. An Elmo mini backpack or an Elmo rolling suitcase from my favorite luggage company, Heys, are also great practical gifts that your toddler will want to use all the time.




7 Toy Elmo gifts for toddlers:


There’s nothing wrong with giving a toddler a toy – kids are made to play! There are thousands of Sesame Street and Elmo themed toys out there, and I chose some top picks to help you get through that. Update: I put together a dedicated guide of Elmo toys for toddler – including 2 year olds and under in case that’s what you want!


11. Sesame Street neighborhood play set – offer your tot a little bit of role play with his favorite characters, including Elmo and Cookie Monster. This set has rave reviews (as opposed to previous versions which seemed to lack in quality) although that comes at a price, since it’s an older version. It includes two figurines. You can add more characters if you want to upgrade the gift. 


12. I don’t know about yours, but my tot is OBSESSED with phones. As a matter of fact, whenever he plays with his toy phones, he says “call Elmo?” And he does just that. Elmo’s cell phone is a perfect gift for that phone+Elmo obsessed toddler. 

13. The Sesame Street Elmo’s On The Go letters are also super popular! Teach the alphabet with this fun game for the road – or even at home.

14. No one can resist smiling when Elmo giggles, so this Elmo motion activated giggle ball will make you and your tot smile! I love that it introduces a bit of physical activity. 

15. Pictured in the first image in this post, the Gund Elmo plush is M’s best friend! He sleeps with it nightly, kisses it, and has fun making Elmo voices with it. It’s soft and furry and a great quality plush. 

The perfect list of Elmo gifts for toddlers - DIY ideas, and gifts to buy, non-toy gifts and educational toy gifts, just-for-fun, practical, and books + entertainment. Awesome gift ideas for Emo-obsessed toddlers!

16. M received the LOL Elmo from his aunt for his birthday , and it has entertained him for hours. He keeps asking me “Want tickle Elmo, kay?” I don’t know why he asks – it’s not like he asks before he borrows my phone or tries jumping off the kitchen table…

Regardless, he loves this interactive toy – he loves tickling its belly to make it laugh, squeezing the “Dorothy” fish bowl to make it giggle, and laughing at the silly jokes. It has even helped with his language development as he loves mimicking what Elmo says. 

17. We just gave M this one for Hanukkah – the Big Hugs Elmo Plush! He absolutely loved it! The huge plush responds to your hugs and all you’ll want to do is hug it!



Books, Music and DVD Elmo gift ideas: 


Since Sesame Street IS entertainment, there are so many options out there for books, DVDs and even music CDs that it may seem impossible to navigate. But M has a nice selection, and these are going to be your Elmo fan’s favorites: 


18. This massive, giftable book is super-engaging. It has lots and lots of pages of entertainment. ABC and 1,2,3: A Sesame Street Treasury of Words and Numbers has M sitting and reading more than almost any other book. 

19. Another favorite of his is Elmo’s Big Lift-And-look Book. This lift the flap book is a favorite interactive book for toddlers of ours. Yes, he tore off the flaps, but it’s nothing that a little bit of tape can’t fix!


20. If you’re going to chooose a DVD as your gift, you might want to pick the Best of Elmo’s World collections – starring Elmo, of course! Your toddler will be in Elmo heaven!

21. Finally, “Potty time with Elmo”is great for your potty-training tot. You can bundle it with the potty I listed above, or just give it on its own. M loves reading the book, pressing the buttons, and mimicking the sounds they make. 



As you can see, the selection of Elmo gifts for toddlers is enormous – but I hope I’ve helped you find the right one!


Comment below if you have any Elmo gift ideas that I didn’t mention!

This post was originally published November 2015.


The perfect list of Elmo gifts for toddlers - DIY ideas, and gifts to buy, non-toy gifts and educational toy gifts, just-for-fun, practical, and books + entertainment. Awesome gift ideas for Emo-obsessed toddlers!


Sharing is caring!

Beth Bishop

Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Your ideas are right on. My children are grown, and I now have a granddaughter. One of the most played with gifts I ever gave my son and daughter was a kitchen set with a grocery cart and food and a tool bench with moveable parts. They played with these sets for years.

Patti Chiarito

Saturday 18th of March 2017

Looking for Elmo stuff

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