Fire Fighter Puppet – from a Paper Bag

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Craft this fun and easy fire fighter puppet to play with and learn about fire safety! When you’re done, check out more of my paper bag puppets, like this cute Cow Paper Bag Puppet and Party Favor Bag! This post contains affiliate links.

Fire can be a scary thing to discuss and think about. But when you talk it over with friendly, helpful firefighters, it becomes something we can handle.

Use these fire-fighting puppets to teach children about fire safety, or just enjoy some action-packed dramatic play.

Young children love to act out fire-fighting scenarios, where they get to be the hero and take control in an intense situation – with lights, sirens, and spraying hoses! Fire-fighting scenarios and fire safety instruction also help strengthen kids’ concepts of cause and effect.

This craft is great for early learners because most of the shapes are simple to cut out. Even those whose scissor skills are only beginning to develop should need only a little bit of help cutting out the parts.

Your preschooler will feel so proud and accomplished to make their own firefighter puppet toy!

What you’ll need:

How to Make a Paper Bag Fire Fighter Puppet

1. Choose colored papers for the skin tone of the puppet and for the hair. Use red, yellow and brown or black papers for the uniform of the fire-fighter paper bag puppets. 

Trace the head, hand, and hair templates on the papers you chose. Trace the hat and sleeve templates on the red paper, the shoe templates on the brown or black paper, and the rest of the templates (mostly strips) on the yellow paper.

2. Glue the hair cutout to the top of the head cutout. 

Cut a slit along the marked line of the hat pattern. If a child is doing the craft, you may need to help them cut the slit. It’s ok if the slit accidentally goes too far, you can tape it back together after.

Attach the badge shape on the top part of the hat.

3. Insert the top of the head through the slit of the hat. Use glue to secure it in place.

Use markers to draw the firefighter’s eyes, nose and mouth.

4. Glue the shortest yellow strip cutouts to the ends of the sleeve cutouts.

5.  Trim off the extra part of the yellow strip that sticks out past the sleeve. Then, attach the hand cutouts to the end of the sleeves, behind the yellow strips..

6. Trace your paper bag onto a piece of red paper and cut it out.

7. Glue the red paper onto the paper bag; this will be the front of your puppet. 

The part that would have been the bottom of the bag will be the top of your puppet. Flatten this part toward you  and glue the firefighter’s head onto it. 

8. Attach one of the arms you made to each side of the paper bag puppet.

9. Arrange the largest yellow strip cutouts across the top of the puppet’s body and glue them in place.

10. Glue the shoe cutouts along the bottom edge of the puppet (the open side of the bag). Attach the 2 small strip cutouts above the shoe patterns to help definite legs. 

If you want, you can use a marker to make  a line, starting at the bottom between the shoes and going part way up the puppet’s body to divide the 2 legs of the puppet.

11. Allow the glue to dry and you’re ready to play!

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