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This DIY flamingo bookmark is a fun paper summer craft for kids and teens! Find my DIY paper sunflower template here. This post contains affiliate links.

Only almost 1/3 of the way into the summer, it feels like it’s just running away as I try to get all my summer craft ideas out there for you to enjoy. But there’s always next year…

These flamingo bookmarks are so fun for the summer and they are just full of sunshine! They’re friendly and full of character, ready for you to make one – or a dozen!

A free template makes flamingo bookmarks so easy to craft.

These are fabulous for a summer book club activity! Why just discuss a book when you can discuss it over a book-related summery craft project! And since all you need to craft these is paper or cardstock, it’s so cheap to make too!

The bookmark portion is made of a slip of paper, attached to the body of the flamingo. The legs are left separated from the body so that you can slip the book between the two.

This helps it stay in place better as well, since the page kind of wedges in the place where the two parts connect.

So craft this flamingo with attitude to celebrate summer time reading!

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What your need for this flamingo craft

How to make a paper flamingo bookmark

1. Select colored craft papers (primarily pink) for the flamingo paper bookmark. Trace the body, the wing, wing detail and the blush patterns on 2 or 3 different shades of pink colored craft papers. Trace the legs on black or brown colored craft paper and trace the beak on white paper. Cut out the traced patterns carefully.

2. Attach the blush cutout near the bottom of the head portion of the main flamingo. Attach the wing detail cutout along the scalloped border of the wing cutout.

3. Use a black marker to trace and fill in the flamingo beak detail on the white beak cutout. Attach the beak to the front of the head.

4. Use the marker to draw the eye of the flamingo, above the blush.

5. Attach the wing cutout to the body , keeping the scalloped border facing the tail of the main body. Prepare the bookmark base from cardstock.

6. Attach the 2 leg cutouts along the bottom side of the main flamingo body.

7. Attach the bottom of the main body pattern to the top of the bookmark but make sure to keep the legs free from glue.

To use the flamingo as a bookmark, slide a page between the bookmark base and the legs of the flamingo.

I hope you enjoyed making a flamingo bookmark! Are you making yours for a special occasion? Comment below!

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